What age is suitable for kids to ride a quad bike/ATV?

quad bike - kid on a quad bike

What quad bike is suitable for what age? So apparently a 6 month old can actually ride a quad bike. But it’s not exactly the quad bike you’re thinking. Quad bikes are not only fun to ride for adults but kids as well. When it comes to riding for adventure and exploring, then quad bikes are an excellent choice. For every sport out there in the world, it requires some definite age to avoid unnecessary complications. Therefore, quad bike riding also requires a minimum age for a kid to ride it.

The smallest engine of a quad bike is 48cc. The youngest one can ride a quad bike is 16. Anyone younger can ride, but under adult supervision (min 18 years of age).

The youngest age a child can ride a quad bike under adult supervision is suggested to be 6 years of age.

However, there are toy ‘quad bikes’ or mini quad bikes that are available from as young as 6 months old up to 4 years of age. But these are ones that stay within your home.

In this article, we will be looking into the age requirements for riding a quad bike.

quad bike - kid on a quad bike
quad bike – kid on a quad bike

Before deciding a suitable age do kids need to be to ride a quad bike

If you want your kids to enjoy their summer vacation and have some outdoor activity instead of just playing video games or board games indoors, then quad bike riding is a perfect choice for them.

A child must be sensible enough to understand the mechanics of quad bike riding. He or she must also be aware of the basics of quad bike riding. This sensibility comes with age and experience.

Minimum Age for Kids To Ride A Quad Bike

There are different quad bike models with varying ratings of age. Some Quad bikes are not suitable for children, while others are not suitable for teenagers and adults. The minimum age required for a kid to ride an quad bike of any type is three years. For a 48cc, 6 years old.

On the market, there are dozens of quad bike models from various brands that are meant for three-year-old kids.

Kids suitable Age Limits To Engine Size for a Quad bike

You should choose a quad bike that has a 48cc to 70cc engine for those children older than six years.

If you’re looking for a quad bike for younger children, then electric quad bikes installed with parental controls are needed.

A 48cc to 70cc engine is not that powerful but is strong enough for a remarkable adventure for a six-year-old child. The higher the engine power makes the ride riskier for the child. If a high powered engine goes in a young inexperienced rider, he or she is most likely to meet accidents, which can be fatal.

If your child is older than ten years, then any engine between 70cc to 110cc will work perfectly for him or her based on his or her experience with riding. All the quad bikes do come with safety features such as speed controls, but they do not guarantee the safety of your child to 100%.

Safety of your kids when riding a quad bike under age

Age is not only the measure that should be looked for when handling your kid with a quad bike. The quad bike can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands as it can take your life. If the following precautions are met, your child is safe and can ride a quad bike flawlessly.

Physical Development and age of kids for riding a quad bike

It is one of the most crucial precautions that should be taken into account when your kid is riding a quad bike. Your child must have a definite height alongside age when riding a quad bike. You should make sure that your child can easily reach for the accelerator and the brakes when sitting comfortably on the quad bike’s seat. There should be a minimum gap of 3 inches between his or her legs and the quad bike seat. Additionally, you should also make sure that your child can move the bike’s handlebars of the quad bike to the right and the left. Most importantly, your child must be able to control his or her weight accordingly when riding the quad bike.

Mental Development and age of kids for riding a quad bike

Your child must be mentally strong when riding a quad bike. He or she must know where his ATV is heading and how fast it is at that moment. He must look out for different objects and avoid collisions with them. Your child must have quick decision-making ability to ride the quad bike. This is applicable if he or she is riding at higher speeds.

Supervisory Controls

If your child is qualified to ride the bike, then the third safety precaution comes into play. Parents or guardians of the child must control this precaution. You can control the maximum throttle level of the quad bike your child is riding on.

This Safety feature means that the quad bike will not travel faster than 10 km/h even if it was designed to go as fast as 20 km/h. If your child does not have experience of riding the bike, then this feature comes into play. You can also limit the exhaust of the quad bike.

This safety feature will be reduce engine power. Lastly, you can also turn off the engine of the quad bike using a particular engine switch. The quad bike will turn off when the switch is pulled. Some switches have a higher range while the others have a closer range.

Safety Equipment

The head is prone to injuries; therefore, it must be protected at all costs. A helmet must be worn by your child when he or she is operating the quad bike. Most fatal quad bike injuries occur to the head, which results in multiple casualties; therefore, the helmet must be used. It has to be made sure that the helmet fits well. The size of the helmet must be per the size of your child’s head, and a bigger helmet will not prevent any injury from happening. Additionally, it has to be ensured that the helmets do a face shield as well; if not, they must be equipped with eye protection.

Shoes that are over the ankles should be preferred when riding the quad bike. These shoes must be equipped with sturdy non-slip heels for extra protection. Finally, your child’s shirts with long sleeves and gloves must be worn at all times when operating the quad bike alongside pants.

Operate Safely

To operate the ATV safely, your child must be aware of the following.

  1. Use of headlights, indicators to increase visibility, especially during night hours.
  2. Paved roads and public roads not designed for quad bikes.
  3. Avoid over speeding as it increases the risk of accidents.
  4. Do not try to show off
  5. Don’t try to perform stunts as they significantly increase the chances of accidents and fatal injuries.
  6. Do not carry passengers as quad bikes are for one rider only.

Best Quad Bikes For Kids for all age

If you have made up your mind in buying a quad bike for your young one, then here are some of the best quad bikes you can buy for your children. These quad bikes are top-rated in the market and are among the most sold bikes across the UK. The following are the best ATVs for kids.

1) Peg Perego OR0036 Elekto Quad Bike

One of the best quad bikes for kids is the Peg Perego OR0036 Elekto Quad Bike. This quad bike has astonishing features that are brilliant for your young one. Peg Perego USA sells this quad bike. 


This extraordinary quad bike can be rightfully yours in just £257.99. This quad bike comes with all the essential features required for a quad bike for young kids.

You can purchase this from Amazon here.


According to Peg Perego, this quad bike is suitable for kids who are 3-8 years old.


Installed with all in one function. This particular feature makes this bike incredibly easy to ride. Brakes are automatically activated when the foot lifts from the accelerator. This brake is applied to the bike gently and stops it without any jerks.

This quad bike also comes with large tires and somewhat high chassis. This feature makes this bike a decent choice when it comes to off-road riding. These attachments make this bike heavier and make it more stable for riding off-road.

It is equipped with a 12 V rechargeable battery and a 330W powerful motor, which makes this vehicle go as fast as 4.2 m/h. If your child is less than 40 kilograms, then he can easily ride this quad bike.

Additionally, two forward and one reverse gear are also installed within the quad bike for your child. The bike itself is 15 kilograms in weight making it easier to carry to different places. The details of the bike are remarkable as it gives the look of an extreme quad bike to your child. Two exhaust pipes, antenna, and an embossed seat make it a decent quad bike for your child.


Peg Perego has an excellent reputation when it comes to quad bikes. Based on customers, they have an excellent service, and they sell remarkable quad bikes.

2) INJUSA – Kawasaki Quad Bike

Another one of the top-rated quad bikes in the UK is Injusa Kawasaki Quad Bike and Injusa sells great quad bikes.


You can own this bike at just £160.


This quad bike is suitable for those children who are 2-4 years old.

You can purchase this from Amazon here.


This magnificent quad bike weighs about 12 kilograms. It is equipped with gear shifts and an accelerator on the right footrest. Alongside this, rubber bands are attached to the wheels. This bike comes with a 12V battery, and this quad bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 6 km/h. It is made in Spain and made with the finest plastic. This quad bike can carry a passenger up to 50 kilograms in weight without the slightest variation in its performance.


Injusa sells top quality products at a reasonable price. Children love their products.

3) Uenjoy 12 V Quad Bike

If you’re looking for an affordable quad bike, well then this quad bike sold by Uenjoy.


This quad bike is £129.99

You can purchase this from Amazon here.


The recommended age for riding this quad bike is 3-8 years.


This great quad bike is equipped with the best features for a quad bike, such as a mp3 music player is installed within the quad bike so that your child can listen to his or her favorite songs when riding the quad bike.

This 12V quad bike is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as it is equipped with wear-resisting tires. The seat of this quad bike is incredibly comfy for your young blood.

Additionally, your child will be able to enjoy the realistic engine sounds and horns when riding.

The recommended weight for riding this quad bike is 40 kilograms, but it can exceed up to 50 kilograms. Beyond this, the weight will damage the quad bike and affect its performance.

LED bright headlights will provide a remarkable driving experience to your child during low light conditions.

Suspensions are also included in this bike, which provides dampening of the jerks and bumps, making it a vibration-free ride.


The brand itself is known for its excellent products and fast delivery. They ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

4) Injusa Quad Honda 12V ATV

Another excellent quad bikes in the UK is Injusa Quad Honda 12V.


This bike is affordable and can be owned by you in just £140

You can purchase this from Amazon here.


This quad bike is suitable for those children who are 2-5 years old.


This excellent quad bike weighs about 11 kilograms and can easily be carried to different locations. This bike comes with a 12V battery, and this quad bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 6 km/h. This quad bike can carry a rider who weighs up to 50 kilograms without the slightest variation in its performance. This quad bike has a seamless design, which makes it appealing for the young one. Additionally, the steering of this quad bike is effortless, no matter what the surface is. Whether it’s grass or dirt, your child will be to control his quad bike without any resistance.


Injusa sells top quality products at an affordable price. Young children fall in love with their products easily.

5) Kalco Toys UK Quad Bike

If you’re looking for a fantastic electric quad bike for your child, then Kalco Toys Quad Bike is an excellent choice.


This Quad Bike is extremely affordable and can be purchased in just £109.

Find similar on Amazon here.


The recommended age for this quad bike is 3-7 years.


It is equipped with a 12V battery and an automatic braking system. The brakes are automatically pressed as soon as your child raises his foot from the pedal. The quad bike comes to a complete stop without the slightest of jerks. The steering wheels can trigger sounds giving your child an experience of a rider. This bike is equipped with only two gears and can go as fast as 6 km/h. Headlights are placed in the front giving your child a good vision during dim light conditions. This bike is effortless to assemble. This quad bike can take weights up to 30 kgs making it ideal for kids and toddlers. 


Kalco Toys makes excellent toys for children. They make products with extreme precision. It does take some time for adults to assemble them, but kids quickly fall in love with their products.

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