8 Best ATV/Quad Bike Helmets for hot weather

8 Best ATV/Quad Bike Helmets for hot weather

Quad bikes are so much fun to ride for all ages. They are not only used for riding off-road but also used for utility purposes, so they can potentially be used all year round. ATVs are incredibly powerful and robust vehicles; therefore, injuries are more likely to happen if not handled correctly.

Here are some recommended helmets

  • Klim F3 Helmet ECE/DOT Blue Camo Adult Size 2XL
  • Fly Racing 2018 F2 Carbon Helmet
  • O’Neal Unisex-Adult Road Style 2Series Helmet SPYDE
  • Troy Lee Designs Adult Polyacrylate SE4 Jet
  • HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet
  • Bell MX-9 MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet
  • Fox V1 Matte Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet
  • Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet

Thus, for any ATV, it is necessary to follow the appropriate safety instructions. These safety instructions do include the use of the helmet as the topmost priority.

Since there are no laws in the UK that riders of quad bikes or ATVs must wear a helmet, it is strongly recommended. But some irresponsible people may choose not to because in summer helmets can become extremely uncomfortable and stuffy inside.

So airflow and comfort is very important when it comes to choosing the right head gear.

Helmets can prevent some severe head injuries and, in some circumstances, can even save the life of the person operating the ATV. Sometimes, riders feel suffocated while wearing a helmet; therefore, they avoid it.

ATV accidents are unpredictable; therefore, one has to wear a helmet at all times. If he or she lives in a tropical environment, an appropriate helmet must be chosen, which offers proper ventilation and keeps the rider fresh.

Before choosing the helmet for yourself, you should know what to look for in the helmet. You must be looking for excellent ventilation and material if you want one for hot weather.

Additionally, you must always look for the helmet with the appropriate size and make sure it snugs perfectly. If the helmet is too large, then you won’t be saved from any injury, but in fact, using a big helmet is entirely meaningless and useless.

In this article, different eight best ATV/Quad bike helmets suitable for hot weather are being discussed.

How to select the best helmet

The importance of a helmet can not be denied; wearing a helmet is a must for everyone riding an ATV. When hit by accident, a helmet saves our brain from trauma by absorbing the impact of the hit. The most common head injury is brain hemorrhage that can be life-threatening too.

Selection of helmets should be made wisely, most people go for good designs and stylish helmets to look more fashionable, but these features should be considered in the end. A good helmet has some properties which are as follows.

Level of protection

The primary purpose of wearing a helmet is to provide protection. If a helmet fails to do so, then wearing it is all in vain. A helmet should pass all the quality standards of safety and protection.

Before buying a helmet, its quality should be checked very carefully.

Design of shell

The shell is the outermost protective covering of the helmet. It should be so hard to bear the impact of the hit and protect the head. Chin straps are attached to the shell, which fixes and retains the helmet on the head, preventing it from moving around here and there while riding.

These chin straps should be tied carefully, not so loose so that the helmet keeps on revolving on the head and not so tight that it makes wearing a helmet painful. In addition to this, a tightening system is also provided at the back of the helmet, in the form of a dial to adjust the helmet’s inner side. It provides users with better fits on the head and doesn’t wobble around.

Ventilation system

When buying a helmet, it is most important to look for a good ventilation system, especially for the summer. This system has no role within the safety of the helmet; instead makes wearing a helmet a good and comfortable experience.

On a ride in hot summer evenings, a good helmet should have ports to provide enough ventilation. Air enters from the ports present on the front side, and warm, humid air leaves the helmet on the rear side. This halts making a helmet a sweatbox and prevents dripping of sweat in the eyes and face.


When buying a helmet with all the desired features, it should be affordable too. The helmet should not be so cheap so that the safety gets compromised, and the purpose of wearing a helmet dies.

Buy a helmet after doing proper research on it. It is recommended to buy the helmet that comes with a warranty. If the helmet gets destroyed during the warranty period, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Klim F3 Helmet ECE/DOT Blue Camo Adult Size 2XL

F3 Helmet ECE | KLIM

This is one of the best helmets for use in summers. It is a great choice to wear for riding on rough trails.


This helmet is sleek, stylish, and comfortable. Its shell is made up of composite material to add to the strength of the helmet. Being light in weight, it has a smooth and glossy appearance.

On the inner side, it has a comfort liner, which improves the helmet’s ventilation system. Proper ventilation is much needed when a helmet is worn for a ride in hot summers. Being light in weight it does not hurt the neck while wearing. The interior lining is tough enough to absorb the blows in the hit.

Ventilation system

This helmet is a good choice for hot weather. It is designed to have thirteen inlets for air on the front side and six air outlets on the rear side to exhaust the hot and humid air. This feature keeps the sweating minimal in summers.


This helmet comes in three different sizes-small, medium, and large.


This helmet provides a broad and uninterrupted view to the rider. The inner EPS lining helps to absorb the maximum impact in case of an accident. Removable cheek pads are also provided on the inner side to adjust the helmet according to one’s head size. Besides all these good features. This helmet is expensive as compared to the others.

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Fly Racing 2018 F2 Carbon Helmet

2018 Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet | Rewire Gloss Red Grey | Dirtbikexpress™

This helmet is one of the best helmets, among others, due to its unique features.


The construction of this helmet is quite different from the others. Between the soft inner padding and the EPS lining, six energy cells are present. These cells are composed of very active strain rated sensitive materials that absorb the impact during an accident and prevent transmitting it to other sides.

This material is squeezable and has a rubber-like nature, soft enough to get compressed in any direction. They also prevent the impact of rotational force. 

For effective absorption of impact, a durable dual-layered EPS lining is present on the helmet’s interior side. Some extra EPS is provided on the backside of the helmet to prevent fatal head injuries.

When talking about the helmet shell, 12,000 carbon filaments are made up, which provides the helmet enough strength and rigidity. This helmet is considered as the lightest weight helmets with a weight of only 2.9 pounds. This helmet puts minimum pressure on the neck as it is incredibly lighter in weight 


This helmet has a sleek design and stylish appearance. Despite all the other features, it is economical to buy.

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O’Neal Unisex-Adult Road Style 2Series Helmet SPYDE

ONeal 2 Series Spyde 2.0 MX Helmet | Oneal | MD Racing Products

This helmet is one of the affordable helmets with superb qualities. Along with quad bikes, this helmet can also be used for other vehicles like scooters and motorcycles. The manufacturer of this brand has earned a good name in the market due to its valued products.


This helmet is among the lightest weight helmets. Its weight is only 3 pounds, making it easy to wear without putting any extra pressure on the head or neck.


It’s Cool Max inner liner keeps the rider cool throughout the journey making his ride more pleasant and comfortable. This inner layer absorbs the sweat to the maximum extent and prevents dripping of the sweat on the face.

The additional feature of this soft lining is that once it gets dirty and smelly due to dust and sweat, respectively, then it can be easily removed. You can even wash this with your hands or wash it using a machine, dry it properly, and put it back in place.


For the appropriate circulation of air, multiple air vents have been built in the helmet. The vents for entering the air inside are present on the front, and four ports act as the air outlet on the rear side of the helmet. These outlets exhaust the hot and humid air towards the exterior. Its ventilation system is not that much effective as compared to the other helmets.


This helmet has a shiny appearance and comes in a number of attractive colors. Different designs have been made on the surface to make these helmets more attractive.

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Troy Lee Designs Adult Polyacrylate SE4 Jet

2019 Troy Lee Designs SE4 jet Motocross Helmet - Puremx Motocross Shop

This is a great choice to be worn in hot weather.


This helmet has a triple layer of EPS to absorb the maximum shock in case of accidents. This prevents head injuries to a great extent. Advanced technology is used to make the outer shell.

Its multidirectional impact protection system is made up of SE4 Polyacrylate. This system is a revolution in the helmet industry. This system of brain protection prevents the rotational force from being transmitted to the brain in case of a hard blow.

An excellent ventilation system is also built to make it ideal to be used in summers. Its inner comfort liner can easily be removed, washed, and again put back to its position.


It comes in three different sizes that are small, medium, and large.

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HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet


This helmet is ideal for the beginners of racing. This helmet has great quality and can not be compared to any other within the same range of price. Its distinguishing feature from other helmets is that it is customized. The manufacturer of this helmet has claimed it to be the helmet of the future.


Composite fiberglass is used to make the outer shell of this particular helmet. This material imparts lightweight to the helmet too. It has multiple density layers of EPS liner. The multiple densities help to absorb the impact of the accident in a better way. Its cheek pads are removable, can be easily washed and put back in position.

The interior side of the helmet is made up of material with sweat absorbing property. This keeps the helmet dry from the inside and prevents microbial growth.


It comes in five different sizes. Small, medium, large, X large, and XX-large.

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Fox V1 Matte Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Fox V1 Helmet (Matte Black) | Dirt bike helmets, Bike gear, Dirt bike gear

This helmet is a perfect choice to buy, among others, due to its distinct features. This helmet has a nice design and a glossy appearance.


It is light in weight, about 1.90 lbs. This helmet is equipped with magnetic visor release technology to provide maximum protection to the brain in a crash. In addition to this, it also has a multiple direction impact protection system to reduce the effect of rotational force on the brain. This technology is incorporated between the liner of the helmet and the EPS.


The vents for air provided at the front and the back facilitate the flow of air through the helmet. Due to this ventilation, sweating is reduced inside the helmet. This helmet keeps the head cool in summers and warm during the winters.


It comes in three different sizes. Small, medium, and large.

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Bell MX-9 MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Amazon.com: Bell MX-9 MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet (Presence Matte/Gloss  Black Flo Orange Camo, Medium): Autom… | Helmet, Motorcycle helmets, Off  road motorcycle

This helmet is one of the helmets with the best design and features.

Due to its efficient ventilation system, one should not be worried about riding in hot summer afternoons. Vents for air are provided on both the front and back of the helmet for adequate ventilation over the head.

This helmet is also incorporated with multiple impact protection technology. This is to provide safety to the rider by absorbing the maximum amount of shock in an accident.

Chin straps are also attached to the shell so that the helmet can be adjusted on the head without wobbling.

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Core Helmets Deluxe Half Helmet

CORE Basic Helmet - Black – CORE Action Sports

It is a half designed helmet but does not compromise on providing protection to the head while riding. Its outer half shell is made up of thermoplastic alloy. It is a good choice to wear in the summer. It is available in 5 different designs and sizes.

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