How long do ATV or quad bike tires last

Regarding Quad bikes and ATV, tires are one of the most vital components of any vehicle. Without tires, a vehicle can’t move. It might be wrong to say that tires play the same role for the vehicles as the limbs do for humans and animals.

Around 1-2 years if you ride a lot on the road, or 5-10 years if you keep off road. Tires generally last from around 500 to 5000 miles or more. It really depends on what surface, style, rubber hardness and quality, age of the tires.

We are going to discuss the following:

  • Types of ATV/Quad Bike tires
  • How to choose tires that last longer
  • Repairing a tire
  • Style of tires

Here is a list of good tires for your quad bike or ATV.

  • Stock Can-Am tires – Carlisle AT489
  • Stock Polaris tires: Carlisle PXT (Polaris Extreme Tire)
  • ITP TerraCross R/T
  • GBC Dirt Commander
  • STI Roctane
  • Maxxis Bighorns
  • Maxxis Mudzilla
  • Interco Swamp Lite
  • SuperATV Assassinator
  • Juggernauts
  • Highlifter Outlaw 3
  • Kenda Bear Claw HTR

Whether you buy an expensive vehicle and if its tires are not sturdy and long-lasting, then the purpose of purchasing that vehicle dies out. A right tire has some qualities.

It should be capable of carrying heavy loads, including the vehicle’s load, the passengers, and the luggage.

Tires should be aligned in their place. They should resist the shear and stress that occurs while facing the road’s obstacles and even while applying the brakes.

Normally, they should have enough strength to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. They should provide maximum grip even on slippery paths.

About Quad Bike/ATV tires

We all know that after running a vehicle up to a particular mileage, replacing the tires becomes necessary. After covering a distance on rough trails, mud and dirt tires worn out and driving the vehicle with those worn-out tires can be dangerous and life-threatening too.

It is really essential to ensure that the tires of the ATV are of good quality and strength. The tires of the ATV go through sharp objects, rocks, mud, and dirt on the roads, so their regular checking, repair, and maintenance are necessary for smooth traveling.

ATV tires can last around from a few hundred to some thousands of miles. It depends upon the composition of the tire, the surface on which the tire is being ridden, the quality of material from which tire creates up, and finally, the number of hours driven.

ATV tires
ATV/Quad Bike tires

Types of ATV tires

We will discuss different types of ATV tires and their response to the wear and tear of the roads.

Stock tires

These ATV tires are cheaper in price and light in weight. On dense terrains, these tires can run up to a year, and after that, it is preferable to run them on smooth roads.

If you are fond of trail riding, then using the common stock tires might not be a good option because they tear out easily because of the rocks and sharp objects on the way.

Stock Can-Am tires – Carlisle AT489

These tires can long for a time, but like others, they are not that much puncture resistant. While driving on a hard and dirt-packed road and covering up to 1700 miles, about 90 % and 40-50 % treads are left on the front and back tires, respectively.

Simultaneously, the same tires can last up to a distance of 4000 miles on smooth and paved roads.

Stock Polaris tires: Carlisle PXT (Polaris Extreme Tire)

As compared to other ATV tires, they are more puncture resistant and durable. On smooth and paved roads, these tires can cover up to 4000-5000 miles. While on a rocky path, they can still maintain their shape up to 900 miles.

ITP TerraCross R/T

These tires come with an extra sidewall ply and thick rubber to make them more puncture resistant. For increasing the tread life, these tires are made up of an extra tough rubber and interlocked tread pattern. These tires can cover hundreds of miles.

GBC Dirt Commander

The GBC dirt commanders are widely used ATV tires. When riding on rough rocks and terrains, these ATV tires tend to wear out faster due to abrasion on the paths. Although these tires provide a good grip after covering 500 miles, they may wear out, so for these types of tracks, the GBC Kanati Mongrels would be a better option as they have rough and tough treads and a ten ply system.

STI Roctane

These tires have been designed to run on hard and rough terrains and can easily cover up to 1000 miles. The thick sidewalls make them resistant to punctures. They can be said as the long-lasting tires among all the others. These tires can last up to two seasons while the others hardly cover a single season.

Maxxis Bighorns

Maxxis Bighorn is also a popular type of all-terrain tire. They have thick sidewalls, which makes them good strength, durability, and long life. They are quite resistant to punctures. These tires can run up to 2000 miles easily.

Maxxis Mudzilla

These are the best looking among all the ATV tires. These tires provide maximum grip when driving in mud. They have thick walls, which makes them durable.

Interco Swamp Lite

They are soft in nature and made up of rubber. If used on a rough road and hard surface, these tires will wear out quickly. Without running on hard and rocky surfaces, these tires can cover up to 1500 miles.

SuperATV Assassinator

They are one of the best tires to be used in the mud. They have a six-ply layer, which makes them resistant to the wear and tear even on the rocky paths.


One of the best ATV tires is The Juggernauts. They provide maximum grip on snowy surfaces. They are incredibly thick, which makes them resistant to punctures.

Highlifter Outlaw 3

These are one of the ATV tires to be used in the mud. They usually wear out faster as compared to the other tires.

Kenda Bear Claw HTR

They are relatively thick, tough, and durable as compared to the other ATV tires. Even after covering 1200 miles, minimal signs of wear and tear are seen. They do not show much puncture resistance.

Choosing Quad bike/ATV tires that last longer

It is conventional thinking that the things that are big and thick enough last for a longer duration of time, but it is not true in all the cases. Because according to the experience of most of the ATV drivers, buying a colossal tire is not always a good option because, in either case, more power will be needed to drive it as well. A wide range of ATV tires is available in the market; one can choose out of them according to his needs. Some of the famous ones have already been discussed above.

Nature of surface and the tire

When choosing the ATV tires, it is generally advised to drive the vehicle on the smooth pavement to decrease the wear and tear of tires, which in turn increases their life.


It is evident that the nature of the surface on which a vehicle is driven matters a lot. It affects the overall life of the vehicle. Similar is the case with the tires of the vehicle.

When an ATV Is ridden on a smooth surface, then the life expectancy of its tires may increase as compared when the same is ridden on a rough and heavy track. The soft rubber ATV tires wear down easily on a rough road. When climbing up the sharper rocks, a softer tire will wear out fast compared to the harder one.

When the vehicle is operated at high speed on rough and heavy terrain, the spinning of the tire is also increased to gain a grip on the road. In doing so, the tire may get deteriorated, and in some extreme cases big pieces of rubber start falling off the tires

Mud and Snow

When riding on a smooth surface like mud or snow, due to the minimum amount of friction faced, ATV tires face less wear and tear because the tires just slip against the surface.

Composition of a tire

Most of the high-performance tires are made up of rubber. The soft nature of rubber provides optimum grip to the tires on roads, snow, dense terrains, and even rocks. But their drawback is that they can wear out more quickly as compared to the hard rubber tires.

Repairing an ATV tire

Timely repairing and maintenance of ATV tires can increase their life. When the tire of a car gets punctured, you can easily change it and fix the puncture in no time, but changing and fixing an ATV tire is not a piece of cake. The common problem faced by riders with an ATV is a flat tire caused by an air leak.

If you come across a flat tire, then first you have to check where the air is getting leaked. To do this, either the tire is filled with air, and one may listen carefully to the leakage of air, or you may look if a sharp object like glass, nail, metal, or rock is pierced in the tire.

Once the air leak is located, the next step is the tire repair, which requires some special tools like a reamer, tire plug, plug insertion tool, air gauge, and a tire pump.

It can take some time for the driver to learn how to repair an ATV tire. Meanwhile, he can seek help from the professional as well. Timely repair and maintenance of the tires can make them last longer.

Styles of ATV tires

There are different styles of ATV tires that are typically designed for riding on different types of tracks, from rough, dense terrains to sharp rocky trails to smooth snowy and muddy paths.

If a wrong ATV tire is used, it may not only decrease the vehicle’s efficiency, but the tires wear out much quicker.

Mud tires

Mud tires are made up of medium to soft rubber, and tread patterns are engraved on their surface. These tires run down the wet and deep muddy paths. These tires provide the best grip. If these mud tires are driven on a hard rocky trail, they wear out fast because they have been designed to run on smooth, silky paths like mud and snow.

Hard terrain tires

As the name indicates that these tires are designed to run on hard trains and to climb rocks, so their composition needs to be special. They are made up of thick and hard rubber.

They may have an 8 to 12 ply system, and a new steel belt is provided to make the tire more compact and more resistant to puncture. Extra shoulder lugs are also there to save the rim and the sidewall.

To use on a smooth road, they can be a good choice because they will not wear out quicker than the other tires and give the rider a soft, comfortable, and enjoyable ride.

All-terrain tires

These are the most commonly used ATV tires. These are the standard and moderate type of tires and can not handle much wear and tear on a rough and rocky track. But still, they can withstand the hard paths in a better way than the mud tires. They are an excellent choice to run on dirt, gravel, and even grass.

Racing tires

For maximum performance and grip on a racing track, racing tires are an ideal choice. These tires are made up of soft rubber, so they may wear out relatively easily. They need to be changed and repaired more often so that a racer’s performance on track might not be affected.


Sand tires

The name is self-explanatory. These types of ATV tires are only meant to be used on sands and deserts only; on racing tracks in dunes, and some rocky obstacles can not be neglected. Using them on other surfaces leads to quicker wear and tear. When timely repaired, these tires can cover up to 500 to 1000 miles.

When compared to the tires of a car, an ATV tire is designed in a particular way.

Ordinary tires give you a comfortable, smooth, and low noise ride, and the opposite is the case with ATV tires, these have been designed especially by keeping in mind rough tracks, dirty and muddy trails, snowy paths and rocky trails.

The life of any tire depends upon the composition and the nature of the trail where it is going to be used.

Obviously, on a rough path due to increased friction, tires deteriorate easily as compared to that on a smooth surface.

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