Are Kawasaki ATVs reliable?

Kawasaki ATV/Quadbike

ATV is also known as an All-terrain vehicle. They are mainly used for different purposes, such as off-road terrain riding, or it may be used for agricultural purposes. It can also be used by kids as they can also experience the joy of off-road riding and the perks of being an ATV rider with their own imaginative minds.

Kawasaki bikes are reliable in each and every aspect. This ATV brand manufactures one of the top quality quad bikes and sell it around the world. Their reliability depends upon multiple factors, and over time, the quad loses it.

Here are some of the popular models.

Kawasaki Quadbikes/ATVsPrices
(May vary on different sites)
KFX 50/KFX 90$1’999
Brute Force 300$4’299
Brute Force 750 4x4i$8’999
Teryx KRX 1000$20’499
Mule SX$6’699
Mule 4000/4010/Trans$9’999
Mule Pro-FXT/Pro-DXT$14’299
Mule Pro-FXR$14’999
Kawasaki Quadbikes/ATVs Models

The joy of ATV riding can be experienced by any person around the globe as it does not require any license. You should although, have some adult supervision if your child is riding it. Although, a few steps must be brought into account to make your ATV road legal.

Kawasaki ATV/Quadbike

ATV riding is one of the best outdoor activities around the world. It’s not only fun and full of adventure for adults but also for children. ATVs are not only packed with but also come with risk.

The sense of responsibility and awareness is required when riding the ATV to minimize the risk factors. It is necessary to buy an ATV that is reliable and functional over long periods of time.

So, if you’re looking forward to buying Kawasaki ATV for yourself or for your child, you might want to know if they are reliable or not.

In this article, we will be discussing the reliability of ATVs sold, particularly by Kawasaki.

Kawasaki ATV/Quadbike

Kawasaki is one of the industries in Japan that manufactures various vehicles such as Motorbikes, dirt bikes, and even ATVs. They own a decent reputation across the world, and products from Kawasaki are extraordinarily reliable and work flawlessly over more extended periods of time.

What makes An ATV reliable?

ATVs are basically used for rough tracks; therefore, there is a high risk of an ATV to roll over if the rider is not experienced or becomes negligent. These risks, although it can be reduced. Additionally, many other features are also brought into account to check if the ATV is reliable or it.

The features include power, handling, feel, and comfort. All these features collectively make an ATV reliable and worth riding for any individual. However, some accessory features may also contribute to the reliability of the ATV.


The power to an ATV comes mainly from the engine. Depending upon the usage of the ATV, the engine power must be chosen. If you’re buying an ATV for your child, then lower power engines will do just fine, but if you’re interested in some extreme sports and racing, then medium to high power engines are recommended.

And finally, if you’re looking forward to some utility work, then the high powered motor is required. Kawasaki ATVs pair their engine with continuous variable transmissions on its own. They basically use two clutches, which are primary and secondary.

These clutches continuously loosen or tighten a belt and transfer power on the wheels from the engine. This power transmission process is smooth, and you will not find your ride wobble at all times.


The Kawasaki ATVs are equipped with multiple gears such as low forward and high forward gears. Alongside these, neutral gear and reverse gear is also present. A parking gear is also found in some of the models of Kawasaki.

Kawasaki ATVs have the capability of running on all four wheels at once. This makes it climb steep slopes quite easily and take on the challenging terrains. This unique feature makes this ATV highly reliable and gives it a decent advantage over other ATVs.


Kawasaki ATVs are equipped with Dual-A-arm suspensions present on the front as well as on the back. This makes this ride highly reliable on bumpy tracks.

About 6.9 inches front wheel travel and 8 inches rear-wheel travel can be found in Kawasaki ATVs. These numbers are ideal for the dampening of the jerks and bumpy tracks.

Steering Wheel

Electronic power steering makes Kawasaki ATVs highly reliable for the riders. It makes it relatively easy to control and maintains a road grip on the roughest tracks. Additionally, this keeps the vehicle stable even when taking sharp turns or at high speeds. These features make it reliable than the other ATVs.

Braking System

Kawasaki ATVs are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes in the front tires and are installed with oil-bathed and multi-disc rear brakes. These installments make this ATV easy to stop when riding at high speeds, maintaining stability.

This braking system is quite efficient in making the ATV come to a complete stop within a matter of about 5-10 seconds without the risk of rolling over. However, some ATVs sold by Kawasaki do not have powerful rear brakes but still are strong enough to perform efficiently. This decent braking system makes it a reliable quad bike.


The feel of riding a Kawasaki ATV depends upon person to person. However, the seats are pretty comfortable for a long ride. Also, the footrest is strong enough and keeps feet safe from the moving parts of the machine. This comfort makes this ATV reliable.


If you’re looking for a recreational trip or looking forward to some utility work on your farm, then Kawasaki quads are a decent choice. It has the ability to tow weigh more than 1200 pounds without having any slightest difference in its performance.

This feature makes this quad bike reliable. If your engine is as powerful as 1000 CC, then it can even tow a tractor weighing up to 7 tons.

Fuel Consumption

If you’re wondering about the fuel consumption of the Kawasaki quad bikes, then you should know that each Kawasaki ATV can travel up to 15-20 miles per gallon of fuel. This is a decent mileage for an ATV and hence improves its reliability.

This type of millage is excellent for those who mainly use the ATV for agricultural purposes or use them for long rides across the countryside. However, this fuel consumption is reduced overtime when the quad bike needs some maintenance and service.


On average, each Kawasaki quad bike weighs around 240 kilograms and can carry riders who weigh as much as 400 lbs. These massive quads improve their stability and reliability when it comes to off-road tracking. This basically lowers down the center of gravity of the quad bike and ultimately promotes its road grip.

Kawasaki ATV/Quadbike


The price for different Kawasaki ATVs vary. If you’re looking for an ATV for your child, then the price will be less, and if you’re looking for an ATV for heavy-duty work, then the newer models are highly recommended for you.


At the end of this article, it can be concluded that Kawasaki bikes are reliable in each and every aspect. This ATV brand manufactures one of the top quality quad bikes and sell it around the world. Their reliability depends upon multiple factors, and over time, the quad loses it.

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