Are quad bikes allowed on the motorway in the UK or not?

It is clear in the UK law that quad bikes are legal on the motorway, but they must be registered with the DVLA. The driver must of course hold a full driving license and the quad bike but be road legal with MOT also.

Quad Bikes are road legal on the motorway and must be DVLA registered. But a quad bike registered for agricultural, horticultural or forestry use is not permitted on the motorway.

The national speed limit for cars and vehicles in the UK is 70 mph on the motorways, but quad bikes have a legal speed limit of 50 mph.

Any quad bike that uses a public road or the motorway in the UK must be registered for road use with the DVLA.

Quad Bike Motorway legal?
Quad Bike Motorway legal?

Quad bikes driving protection on the motorway

One of the confusions about riding quad bikes is regarding having a helmet. Legally you do not need to have a helmet when riding a quad bike. However, riding on the motorway without a helmet or any sort of head protection seems pretty wreckless.

Common sense has to play a part and you should look to purchase protective gear if you are putting yourself in a high risk environment like the motorway.

Plus he wasn’t even wearing a helmet! I just think that is nuts.

Apparently plenty of people are seeing the same thing.

The was the start of my inquiring about quad bikes and the legality of them in the UK.

Most quad bikes are designed for off-road use. But there are a good number which are.

They don’t conform to law in relation to their construction and safety standards therefore this makes them it’s illegal to use them on a road.

Some quad bikes can become legal on the road. But must be approved, taxed, registered, insured, MOT certified (if needed).

And the driver must hold the relevant licence.

Quad bikes Safety on UK motorway

It is so important to stay safe when riding a quad bike on UK roads, you must ensure that you put your safety first by equipping yourself with the appropriate gear and clothing accessories.

At the moment it is hard to find statistics online regarding the death by quad bikes in the last few years. So we can only assume that the number is declining possibly?

Well, I will leave that down to you to conclude.

The bottom line, is that even though there are some concerns regarding the UK law and the use of Quad Bikes, it is obvious that everyone should still take the upmost precaution on the simple fact that it is a dangerous vehicle when driven at high speeds.

You can get more information form the UK government website here.

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