Battle of the brands 2020. Which quad/ATV is most reliable?


So which of the quad bike brands you ask, well Quad Bikes are gaining popularity day by day. If you want to ride across some off-road tracks or look for a vehicle for towing materials and utility purposes, quad bike brands are the perfect ride. Still, if you’re looking for a quad bike brand to conquer tough terrains and maximize its performance, here are my recommendations for quad bike brands.

Here are the most reliable quad bike brands around.

BrandRecommended Model
HondaRancher 4×4 TRX 420 FM
PolarisPolaris RZR XP 1000
YamahaYamaha YFM700R
Can-AmCan-Am Outlander 450 6×6 T
Arctic CatArctic Cat 450EFI
KawasakiKawasaki Brute Force 750 
SuzukiSuzuki KingQuad 750

According to a survey, many inexperienced quad bike/ATV riders have gone through severe accidents, and some even lost their lives. You might not need a license to operate an ATV, but you definitely must know how to handle an ATV properly.

Not every single track is meant for a quad bike; for instance, if you try to ride one on a paved road, there are chances that you might lose control of it. Additionally, if you push your quad bike/ATV beyond what it can handle, the outcomes can be fatal.

Quad Bikes for Adults and Kids

Quad bikes are available for kids, teenagers, and adults. Some quad bikes are incredibly powerful, while others are affordable and economical. You might need to pay some decent amount of money to get a decent ATV for yourself, but it is also necessary to know whether that quad bike is reliable as well as suitable.

Quad bikes are fun to ride for all ages and come with high risks of fatal accidents if not properly operated.

There’s nothing more precious than life itself. Therefore it is mandatory to look for the most reliable quad bike before buying.

Not all the Quad Bikes out there have a decent reputation; some are not as reliable and stable. Although reliability depends on the way you operate the quad bike, but most of the brands have a very good reputation.

In this article, we will be discussing different ATV brands that are more reliable and durable than the others. The following are the best quad bike brands that can be trusted by you. Even if things get out of control, these quad bikes will be strong enough to minimize the accident’s fatalities.

1) Honda Powersports Brand Quad

If you’re looking for an ATV brand with the best possible safety measure, no one can beat Honda. Honda quad bikes have well equipped with TraxLok technology. This quickly distributes the power of the quad bike to its wheels when traction is lost.

Honda quad bikes are known for their highly dampening suspensions.

Honda Rancher 4x4 TRX 420 FM Quad Bike
Honda Rancher 4×4 TRX 420 FM

They provide the smoothest rides even to those who are new to quad bike riding. Their handlebars are not hard; therefore, it gives more comfortable steering on sharp turns and rugged paths. Primarily, Honda sells ATVs that are solely used for sports. The first ATV manufactured by honda was in 1968. It was a three-wheeled ATV, mainly used by farmers.  

FourTrax TRX250X is the best quad bike of Honda, which can be operated without the clutch. This sturdy quad bike is installed with an incredibly fast sports clutch and is user-friendly. This 229CC powered engine can speed up to 52 mph.

It gives an ATV with the maximum price of £14,000.

2) Polaris Brand Quad Bike

If you can compromise on the speed, then Polaris is the brand you need.

Quad bikes might not be as fast as the others with the same engine power, however these ones are extraordinarily durable and reliable.

Polaris Quad Bikes can take a lot of damage and are extremely heavy. These large weight quad bikes can take on extreme slopes and robust grounds like a pro. If the terrain is muddy, rocky, or bumpy, this ATV will not fail and shall provide a smooth ride.

Polaris quad bikes have a low center of gravity, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

This feature reduces the risk of toppling over when it comes to riding on slopes or uneven terrains. Moreover, Polaris ATVs are used by US military forces as well, which pretty much explains their durability and reliability.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Quad Bike
Polaris RZR XP 1000

Polaris sells 28 different ATVs, each designed for various purposes. Some are reliable for younger people and others are durable and an excellent choice for agriculture.

Polaris models

The Dagor A1, MRZR D4, MRZR D2, and Sportsman MV850 are the best Polaris ATVs used by the military. So these ATVs are mainly used in Tactical as well as combat missions.

They are also used in Security and protocol missions alongside that they are also used in search and rescue operations.

Whether it’s fire rescue, law enforcement, or parks management, Polaris ATVs will not compromise performance.

Lastly, Phoenix 200 is one of the best youth ATVs sold by Polaris. They have equipped this quad bike with the best features making this quad bike an excellent choice for youth.

It has ATV with the maximum price of £22,000.

3) Yamaha Quad Bikes Brand

If you’re looking for quad bikes with incredibly high speed and excellent engine power, there’s nothing better than Yamaha. The ATVs sold by Yamaha have incredible top speeds and are only made for real thrill-seekers and professional riders.

The downside of these quad bikes are that they can be hard to maintain because their maintenance charges are high.

Two extraordinary quad bikes are sold by Yamaha named as Yamaha Raptor 700, YFM and YFZ.

The Raptor 700 can go as fast as 120 km/h and has an extreme ground grip. It has a 686 cc engine and has a transistor controlled ignition.

Yamaha YFM700R Quad Bike
Yamaha YFM700R

Yamaha quad bikes need maintenance when regularly used for racing. Additionally, they have manual gearboxes, which can be a little hard to learn for those riders who used to ride automatic transmissions in the past.

Moreover, Yamaha also sells one more superb model, the Grizzly 700. This ATV is one of the favorites within the quad bike community. It is highly overpowered and is the best choice for aggressive riders.

This quad bike has a remarkable suspension mechanism that provides a smooth ride for those who are beginners. It has electronic power steering making it easy to steer and gain control over sharp turns.

Genichi Kawakami was the founder of the Yamaha Brand. It is offering the quad bike with the maximum price of £13,000.

4) Can-Am Brand

The Canadian Can-Am is another best Canadian quad bike manufacturer. Can-Am ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are manufactured by BRP / Bombardier Recreational Products a Canadian company.

Featuring the models Outlander, Renegade and DS range.


It manufactures best-performing quad bikes offering the best performance in all conditions. It has an ATV with the maximum price of £14,000, and it is placed in fourth place among the list of top ten best quad bike brands.

5) Arctic Cat Quad Bike Brand

Another brand that sells the most reliable ATVs is the Arctic Cat. This brand was first known to sell Snowmobiles, but later they manufactured ATVs as well. Arctic Cat sells excellent Quad bikes with incredible features at an affordable cost. In other words, all the power and performance at an incredibly low price.

Arctic cat is known for selling all sorts of ATVs, whether it’s sports, utility, or youth. The concert will be epic. The youth ATVs come with a great variety of safety features, including parental speed locking mechanisms. This feature allows parents to limit the speed of the quad bike that their child rides.

Arctic Cat 450EFI
Arctic Cat 450EFI

Arctic Cat have the best sports quad bikes. Their sports quad bikes have low weight and are equipped with outstanding features like power steering and independent rear suspensions.

Also, their ATVs can support a passenger alongside the rider. In this way, the legendary off-road adventure shall be enjoyed by two passengers simultaneously. In their ATVs, Alterra 300 is the best ATV for youth. It is lightweight and has a steady suspension mechanism.

Arctic Cat models

The 270 CC quad bike can tow up to 500 lbs and has a CVT transmission installed.

Alterra 300 is equipped with a solid rear axle, which increases traction when making sharp turns.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a quad bike that performs remarkably well in sports, then the wild cat is the one you need. The 915 CC engine of this quad bike can produce 90 horsepower.

It can conquer every terrain that exists in the world. Wild Cat ATV is both 2WD and 4WD and can carry two passengers. It is an outstanding choice for sports lovers and those who wish to make the best out of their quad bike.  

This delivers the best featuring quality components. It manufactures the quad bike with the maximum price of £10,000.

6) Kawasaki Quad Bike Brand

Kawasaki Motors sell the best ATVs for youth and utility purposes. They manufactured their first ATV in 1981, and the first 400 CC engine in an ATV produced by Kawasaki was in 1993.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750
Kawasaki Brute Force 750

Kawasaki Motors sells the KFX series and brute Force series. The KFX series is mainly meant for the youth.

Two models, KFX 50 and KFX 90, are sold within this category. These ATVs are equipped with 50CC and 90CC engines, respectively.

The brute force models make no compromise when it comes to recreation trips or utility purposes. This brute force model can tow heavyweight alongside that they are installed with integrated storage capability.

Brute force models support both 2WD and 4WD and have electronic power steering. The Kawasaki KFX 90 is rated for its performance, quality, reliability, and comfort.

7) Suzuki Brand Quad Bike

Suzuki is best known for selling Quad Bikes with features in a single quad bike. If you’re looking for an quad bike that can be used both for sports and utility, then it is the right choice. Technically, Suzuki is the first brand that started the production of quad bikes with two different features in a single-vehicle.

Many riders do appreciate this feature as it gives them a choice to tow a decent amount of weight with the same quad bike that they can also use for sports. Metal racks are also installed in Suzuki quad bikes, which gives riders some much-needed storage to carry different items.

Suzuki KingQuad 750
Suzuki KingQuad 750

The most reliable and durable quad bike by Suzuki is KingQuad 750. This 722CC quad bike is affordable and comes with the best possible features for a quad bike. This quad bike is easy to ride on any terrain and has an installed independent suspension. It is also equipped with a decent towing capacity.

For youth, Suzuki sells quad sport 90 and quad sport 50. These quad bikes have 90CC and a 50CC engine, respectively. Both of these quad bikes are best known to teach beginners with quad bike riding.

One can easily purchase the ATV of maximum price £10,000.

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