Best ATV tyre for rocky terrains

ATVs are fun to ride on all sorts of terrains. However, the choice of tires is very crucial, depending upon the terrain chosen. In this article, we shall discuss the best ATV tires for rocky terrains. 

As far as the rocky terrains are concerned, some various factors come into play. The tires are most likely to puncture due to pointed rocks or might skid on wet rocks. Therefore, thick tires and anti-puncture tires are recommended for such tracks. Instead of standard six-ply tires, eight-ply tires are a good choice alongside that sidewall tread is also what you should be looking for in your tires. This sidewall tread strengthens tires against pinch flats. 

Maxxis Roxxzilla 

These tires are undoubtedly the best ones in the market currently. The features of these tires are the best ones you should be looking for. These beasts come with an 8-ply construction instead of 6-ply, making them thick and puncture-resistant for rocky paths. 

Alongside these, a soft tread construction heats the tires as they spin; the heated-up tires provide remarkable traction and road grip on dry surfaces. 

The stepped shoulder lugs cushion the sidewalls of the tires against various cuts. And finally, the multilayered sidewall gives this tire an absolute look of a mean tire. 

These tires come in two sizes, the 32″ and 35″, which weigh 42lbs and 48lbs, respectively. These tires are an excellent choice when it comes to rocky paths and muddy areas. They can handle muddy terrains as well, making no compromise in their performance. Hence make them the best tire in the market for rocky terrains. 

These tires can be yours for around £203.45/$281

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SuperATV RT Warrior

SuperATV is known for designing outstanding tires. Their rock-crawler design for tires is unmatched. The company is passionate about designing the tires and their performance when it comes to actual rocky terrains. 

If it’s dirt, sand, gravel, or rocks, you won’t be able to notice any difference in the performance of these tires. However, when comparison with Maxxis Roxxzilla, this tire might not perform as efficiently as Maxxis in muddy areas.

These tires come with deep treads, which are 1″ deep; this allows the tires to firmly grasp the rocks and compresses the tires, providing outstanding traction. This traction dominates all other tires with deeper lugs just like this one. 

The siping of the lugs of these tires makes their traction remarkable on both icy and wet surfaces. This feature prevents the tires from slipping on wet surfaces. Additionally, this also promotes the grip and allows the lugs to bend slightly for uneven surfaces. 

Ejector ribs are another great aspect of these tires, allowing them to remain dirt and mud-free, especially between the lugs. These Ejector ribs ensure that there is no compromise on the traction of these tires. 

Finally, the 8-ply construction with the aid of Kevlar belts helps the tires to maintain stability when the air pressure within the tires is low. These tires come in two sizes, 30″ and 34″, depending upon your ATV needs. All of these features make these tires one of the Best ATV tires for Rocky Terrains. 

You can own these tires for just £208.82

Find them on Amazon here

ARISUN Gear Buster

Another best tire for an ATV for Rocky terrains is the ARISEN gear buster. They are well known for their off-road performance. These tires are equipped with Aramid-reinforced sidewall and K4D Armour safeguards, which grant the tires protection against punctures, cuts, and even abrasions. 

These tires also have non-directional tread patterns coupled with piped pocket lugs that collectively provide the riders with some extra traction for ATV. 

Finally, these tires have a cross tread design, making them durable and providing riders with a smooth experience on rocky paths. An advanced radial design of these tires maintains a balanced performance over all sorts of paths. This balanced performance makes these tires one of the best ATV tires for rocky terrains. 

These tires can be yours for just £127/$287

Find them on Amazon here

STI Rocktane XD

The STI Rocktane XD tires are particularly designed for aggressive ATV riders. The heavy nylon cord in its design compliments a great balance between the toughness and flexibility of the tires. Wide footprint profile and non-directional treads grant an effortless control for the rider. 

With a design like this, you can get an exception grip and traction on muddy as well as rocky terrains. The best feature about these tires is that they come in 10 different sizes. Whether it is an ATV for your child or an ATV for you, these tires might just fit for almost every ATV you own. 

When it comes to durability, these tires make no compromise in their performance. The tires are equipped with strong super-wide belts and reinforced Bottom sidewalls, granting riders additional stability and extra shoulder protection. 

These tires can be yours at a reasonable price, just from as low as £173/$239 to as high as £254/$351.

Find them on Amazon here.

Depending upon the size of the tire. These features make these tires amongst the best ones for the ATV for rocky terrains. 

In short, it is a little hard to ride an ATV on the rocky path as there might be lots of complications for the ATV rider. These complications can be puncturing the ATV tire or abrasion of the tires or bursting the tire in rare cases. Additionally, the grip is essential when riding the ATV on rocks because lack of grip can cause the ATV to skid over rocky surfaces and cause serious injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right tire for ATV when used for Rocky Terrains. 


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