Best ATV and Quad Bike winches (UK and US)

10 buyer reviews of ‘winches for ATVs’

Looking for ATV winches, UTV winches, four wheeler winches, a plow system, or one of our bumpers, mounting systems, or rigging accessories? We got you covered. Here are some that we have reviewed.

1) Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line Waterproof Winch:

This Waterproof Bravex Electric Winch is perfect for my ATV and deck boats as well, weighing around 3100lbs. It has about 20% higher motor power than other winches with a 70-feet Wireless and corded remote control. I was able to use it on highly abrasive mountains and mud. Its exclusive break design greatly helped me in many other domestic tasks under all weather conditions. I would highly recommend you buy this winch as it comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support, which few manufacturers give.

2) Rhino Electric Winch 3000lbs / 1360Kg 12V 15m with Synthetic Dyneema Rope.

This affordable winch can withstand around 1100lbs to 1700lbs and comes off with a weightless Dyneema rope, is believed to be stronger than steel cable, and does not suffer from potential snapback. This winch has been ideal for my fishing boat, as the Dyneema rope avoided underwater debris. It comes with two wireless remotes and a mountain plate. This winch is well recommended for the fishermen, as it comes with a 24-month warranty with free UK-based technical support line.

3) Ejoyous 4000 LBS Electric Winch, 12V Remote Control Winch with 15M High Tension Steel Cable.

This Electric winch has been a perfect partner for my jeep in the mountains, with its high-tension steel cable that can pull up to heavy trucks weighing 4000 lbs. This high-quality winch is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, ideal for snowy and rainy weather. Buying this winch will be a lifetime investment.

Video on how to install a winch

4) VEVOR Truck Winch 4,500LBS, Electric Winch Synthetic Rope 12V, Power Winch with Wireless Remote Control.

Highly recommended! This winch has been my reliable partner in all my journeys of ATV on the Rocky Mountains. It has quite a powerful engine which is less noisy than other winches. It also comes with wireless remote control, once very handy when my ATV got stuck in a muddy pothole. It also came with an automatic load-holding brake for extra safety.

5) Mophorn Electric Winch Wireless Recovery 12V 1814Kg/4000Lbs Steel Atv Winch Rope Cable:

This electric winch has been helpful in many domestic tasks like pulling up my quad bike into the trailer. It does have a powerful all-copper motor, connected to a 3-stage planetary gear system, which can quickly pull off the vehicles from steep grounds. The winch has a durable structure, only needs little maintenance in a couple of weeks if used regularly. It is waterproof and mudproof and comes with wireless remote control as well. An excellent item to purchase.

6) Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

This wireless winch kit was expensive but convenient and can be operated 50-foot radius by a wireless remote and antenna. It even powers off automatically, when not in use, to save the battery. It is an ideal winch for my SUV car for withstanding weighs about 4500lbs. I don’t regret buying this winch, as it made my life easier in numerous ways.

7) ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch, Off Road Waterproof, Synthetic Rope

This electric winch is durable and has a permanent magnet motor of about 1.1 horsepower. I’ve used it for pulling out my fishing boat and quad bike without any stress, as it has a dynamic brake and weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker. This company also gave me a 1-year warranty and a reliable technical support line. A comfortable and safe winch to buy for sure.

8) OPENROAD 3000Lbs 12 Volts Electric Winch, with 12m/39ft Winch Cable:

This high-quality winch is very easy to install and comes with two remote controls, a wired one and a wireless one, whichever you want to use. It is an ideal winch for my ATV and even small fishing boats, with its permanent magnet motor and precise braking system. It has helped pull off my ATV from rugged and mountainous roads many times. The company gives off a 1-year warranty with lifetime technical support. A safe and helpful purchase for sure.

9) FIERYRED Electric 12V 3500lb Winch, Steel Cable Winch Kit

This winch has been so useful for my SUV and ATV. The two wireless and wired remotes provide a good range and have been convenient in pulling off my ATV from muddy waterways a few times. The winch’s matte black body and the sealed engine keep my vehicles out of trouble. The powerful motor makes sure they come off from dangerous pathways efficiently and smoothly. The manufacturers are very cooperative; they gave me a 1-year warranty of this winch, with lifetime technical support. If you’re thinking of buying a durable winch, then this is the one.

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