Best quad bike for a 12 year old – review with prices

12 year old children love exploring and being adventurous. A perfect choice for a 12 year old kid is a quad bike to have fun. This article will help you find the right quad bike for your 12 year old, which would provoke your 12 year old’s youthful spirit and ensure his or her safety.

Quad Bike ModelPricePowerRider’s Weight
KidsQuads Electric Teen Quad Bike£749.99800W198 lbs
Leopard 36V 1000W Quad Bike£499.951000W143.3 lbs
Teen Pro 800 – Kids Quads£999.95800W198.42 lbs
Teen Pro 1600 – Kids Quads£1499.951600W242.5 lbs
Leopard 36V 800W Quad Bike£449.95800W143 lbs

1) KidsQuads Electric Teen Quad Bike

This quad bike one of the best quad bike for 12 year old kids. Parents can choose up to 4 different colors: Red, Green, Black, and Pink. The recommended color is green as it gives your 12 year old one a feeling of an off-road quad bike champ.

Based on performance, this quad bike is one of the best choices for children between the ages of 8-15. It has excellent performance and a sleek design, which makes this quad bike irresistible.


This sturdy quad bike can be yours in just £749.99.

Buy it from Amazon here.

It might be a little overpriced, but the features are worth it. Especially with quite a few 5 star reviews dating between 2016 and 2020.


This powerful quad bike comes with three 12V batteries, which provide it with around 800w, which can speed up the quad bike up to 30 km/h. The batteries can be interchanged providing a longer riding time for your child.

This powerful quad bike can take weights up to 198 pounds without the slightest difference in its performance. The best feature of this bike is that it is capable of speed restrictions. You can restrict the maximum speed of the quad bike to 10 km/h, 18km/h, and even 30 km/h depending upon your child’s sense of responsibility and adventure.

Note to parents…

If you’re worried that your child might not be able to control this vehicle when traveling at high speeds, then you must know that this bike is equipped with an incredible disc brake.

The rim size of this quad bike is around 6 inches providing the quad bike with much-needed stability.

Moreover, the suspension of this bike works efficiently on off-roads, which lets your child enjoy his or her fullest.

You can charge this mighty quad bike in just 6-7 hours for the non-stop action for your child.


The quad bike is a little overpriced.

The gross weight of the vehicle itself is quite large, so it may be hard to take this vehicle to different locations for some users.


In my vision, this quad bike is one of the best quad bikes for the children up to the age of 12, with the tremendous weight-bearing number, children up to the age of 17 can also ride this bike.

2) Leopard 36V 1000W Kids ATV Quad Bike

One of the most recommended quad bikes for children is Leopard 36V ATV. This quad bike is recommended for children of ages 12-16 years. Parents can choose among seven different colors for their kids. The best seller in this quad bike is the red color.

Leopard 36V 1000W Kids Quad
Leopard 36V 1000W Kids Quad

This bike is an excellent choice for off-road surfaces as it’s 6-inch rims with 14 inch wide tires firmly grasp the ground, either it’s grass or dirt, this bike will handle the surface like a pro.


This excellent quad bike can be yours in just  £499.95. It is equipped with all the features required for the perfect quad bike. 

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This quad bike comes with a lead-acid battery, i.e. ( 3 x 12V 12A  ). Its 36V motor generates a 1000W power, which can speed up this quad bike up to 24 Km/h. Your child can ride this bike for 1-3 hours until it needs to be charged again.

Also, on average, this quad bike will travel for 22 km on each charge. It takes around 8-10 hours to charge this quad bike again fully. Some users have reported that it takes 12 hours to charge this quad bike when used for the first time.

The bike is excellent for off-road experience as it is equipped with excellent shock absorbers. Two shock absorbers are on the front and one on the back, which makes this vehicle remarkable on bumpy and off-road tracks. You can even control the speed limit for your child.


You can choose between 7 km/h, 13 km/h, and 24 km/h depending upon how your child steers this quad bike. If you’re worried that your child might not be able to control his vehicle at higher speeds, do not be afraid, this bike is equipped with three-disc brakes and one footrest brake.

Each restraint is strong enough to bring this quad bike to a stop in a relatively short amount of time. The footrest brake will completely stop the forward motion of this bike. Three gears installed in this bike are for forwarding, one for reversing, and one neutral gear.

LED lights and a horn will give your child an experience of riding an automobile based on their imagination. If your child weighs less than 143.3 lbs, then this bike is an excellent choice for him.


This quad bike might have all the features required for the perfect quad bike for your 12-year-old child, but it has a few drawbacks. The assembly time for this vehicle is around 30-40 minutes.

On the same power of 1000W, some quad bikes can provide a speed of 30 km/h, whereas this quad bike is capable of 24 km/h only.

It is harder to control this quad bike on wet surfaces.


The bike might have these disadvantages, but I think the features can be eclipsed behind the features provided with the bike, which makes this bike is the right choice for your child.

3) Teen Pro 800 – Kids Quad Bike

If you’re looking for an excellent gift for your child to play around, then this quad bike is the perfect gift to make his day. This particular quad bike is for people who weigh under 90 kg. This quad bike comes in 3 different colors black, green, and red. The most sold color is Black, as it can be customized by your child based upon his imagination when he or she uses it.

Teen Pro 800 – Kids Quad Bike


This incredible quad bike can be rightfully yours in just £999.95. This quad bike is economical, safe, silent, ecological, and fumeless.

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An LCD screen is built in this quad bike, which shows the bike’s speed and its remaining battery. The weight of the quad bike is sufficient than the other models, making it more durable and safe for your child, compromising its speed. The speed limit can be controlled from the low, medium, and high. the effective values for each are 10 km/h , 18 km/h and 24 km/h.


The footrests of this quad bike are molded. These footrests protect your child’s feet from the moving parts of the quad bike. 800 W powerful motor works on 36 V battery making this quad bike ideal for slopes and rough tracks. With each charge, this bike can travel up to 24 km until it needs to be charged again. It requires 4-6 hours to charge completely and be used again.


Spring suspensions are also installed in these models, providing you an ultimate experience when traveling off-road. The braking system of this quad bike works like a charm. Two drum brakes and one hydraulic brake is installed in this bike to stop this bike in a narrow time frame.


The bike can operate for 2 hours until it needs to be charged again. This can increase your electricity bills dramatically if you’re using this more often.


I think this quad bike is a reliable and an excellent choice for parents. It has all the features for a user-friendly quad bike. Also, it can bear weight up to 90 kgs; therefore, anyone who weighs less than this can ride this quad bike, making it fun to use for all age groups. Additionally, there’s a sale on this bike currently and can be purchased just for £749.95.

4) Teen Pro 1600 – Kids Quad Bike

If you’re looking for an ultimate quad bike for your child, then Teen Pro 1600 is the one you’re looking for. It has all the features required for the perfect quad bike and can travel at a much higher speed. This quad bike is excellent against all surfaces, including wet surfacing. The wide tires firmly grasp the ground making this ATV driveable even on wet roads.

It comes in two colors Green and Orange. The favorite color is green, as it gives a total rider’s experience to your young soul.


This ultimate quad bike is available for just £1499.95. This monstrous quad bike has incredible power and motor, which makes this quad bike the best.


This monstrous quad bike is equipped with all the features you want. This beast is equipped with a 48 V battery capable of generating 1600 W power for the motor.

This bike can travel fast up to 48 km/h. It is installed with 16 inch wide tires that make this quad bike an excellent choice for the roughest tracks.

If it’s a wet road or a bumpy road, this beast will tackle it like no other.


This beast can also be controlled using a unique key, which limits its speed limit. Parents can control this bike’s speed limit for their children, restraining it to 12 km/h, 20 km/hr and 40 km/h. This beast can handle the rider’s weight up to 110 kg; therefore, parents can also ride this quad bike. The bike can travel up to 35 km until it needs to be charged again.


The robust steel structure makes this bike sturdy and durable for minor accidents. The footrests are wide and covered, keeping your feet or your child’s feet away from the moving parts of this quad bike.

It takes around 5-7 hours to fully charge this bike and make it ready to be driven again. The LCD installed within the bike provides an excellent speed-o-meter.

It also tells the remaining battery left on the bike and when it needs to be charged.

Headlights and Brake lights are also present in the quad bike itself, making it perfect for night time.

The hydraulic brakes work like a charm in stopping this quad bike within the least time possible. Alongside the suspensions in this beast work like a charm and a comfortable ride in the roughest and most bumpy off-road tracks.


The features of this Quad bike are intense, but nothing comes for free. It has a price tag of  £1499.95.

The battery timing might not be sufficient if you want to enjoy riding for more extended periods. You might need to replace batteries to keep riding, which is to be bought and charged separately.


If you’re looking for a real rider’s experience for yourself or your child, this quad bike is the ultimate package. The only quad bike you need. 

Leopard 36V 800W Kids ATV Quad Bike

If you’re looking for a more reliable and economical quad bike for your child, then leopard 36V 800W ATV is an excellent choice. It comes in 7 different colors, and the most bought color was black. This color not only looks stunning but also provides a rider’s spirit to your young champ.

800w quad bike


The economical quad bike is available for just  £449.95. It also consists of almost all the features defined for a quad bike.

Check on Amazon here.


This bike is equipped with a lead-acid battery, i.e. ( 3 x 12V 12A ), which can generate 800W power. This power is sufficient enough to ride the bike at 21.4km/hr. It has three modes that you can control for your child if he is new to quad bike riding. These three modes offer different speeds, such as 6.4 km/h, 11.4km/h, and 21.4km/h.

Other features

It comes in 3 gears keeping everything simple for the young mind. Neutral, forward and reverse speeds are only present in this quad bike. The braking system is excellent as it has a reliable disc brake mechanism which stops the quad bike in the minimum time frame.

The footrest brake will make the bike stop more quickly if things get out of your child’s control.

It can take up to 65kg of weight, and therefore it can be operated for children with different age groups.

Approximately the run time for this quad bike is 60-180 minutes, and it takes around 8-12 hours to fully recharge this vehicle again.


This quad bike slips on wet surfaces, and hence your child can meet an accident if the surface is wet.


I believe this bike has sufficient features for its price. Therefore, this bike is the right choice for kids between the ages of 8-16.


What speed quad bike can a 12 year old ride?

Most kids between 12 and 15 years old can handle up to 90 cc with ease.

What quad bikes can under 11 years old ride?

It is recommended that kids below 11 years old should ride mini quads bikes with an engine capacity not exceeding 70 cc.

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