Best Adult Quad Bikes in the UK

Now looking for the best adult quad bikes in the UK, I came across a few adult quad bikes but gosh. If you’re looking for some thrilling time on adult quad bikes, then all you need is an electric quad bike. These adult quad bikes assures you an exciting adventure and the time of your life while also bringing into account the safety measurements.

In this article, you can choose the right adult quad bike for yourself and have the best off-road experience of your lifetime. 

ATV ModelPricePowerRider’s Weight
Explorer Adult Quad Bike£1’999.952100W231 lbs
Explorer S Adult Quad Bike£4’499.953000W330 lbs
Explorer GT Adult Quad Bike£4’999.953000W330 lbs
Eliminator 4WD Quad Bike£14’999.9515000W494 lbs
Dominator 2WD Quad Bike£10’999.9515000W422 lbs

1) Explorer Adult Quad Bikes

Explorer Adult Quad

This ATV is one of the best ATVs for Adults. You can choose up to 2 different colors: Red and Black. The recommended color is Black as it gives a remarkable camouflage when in off-road tracks, particularly dirt terrains or rain forests.

Based on performance, this quad bike is one of the best choices for adults. The minimum age for this ATV is 16 years. The recommended age is still 18 to operate this vehicle; otherwise, there’s a possibility of accidents. If you are looking for performance and design together, then this ATV is an excellent choice. It has a steep sleek design that is appealing to the eyes.


This sturdy quad bike can be yours from just £1’999.95. The features of this bike are the required ones for a practical adult quad bike.


This sturdy quad bike comes with five 12V batteries enclosed in a case that provides it with around 2100w of Power. This Quad Bike can speed up to 45 km/h. The batteries can be interchanged hence providing a more prolonged riding for you. Additionally, the powerful 2100W motor is strong enough to climb extreme slopes and conquer the most robust off-road terrains. 

This sturdy quad bike can take weights up to 231 pounds without the slightest difference in its performance. The best feature of this bike is that it is capable of speed restrictions. You can restrict the maximum speed of the quad bike to 12 km/h, 20 km/h, and even 45 km/h depending upon the rider. If you’re an experienced rider, then 45 km/h is the right speed for you.

But if you’re inexperienced with the mechanics, then it is recommended that you start with 12 km/h and then slowly increase the speed.

Lower speeds give even more extended periods of riding. If you are worried that your quad bike may not be in your control when traveling at high speeds, then you must know that this bike is equipped with incredible disc brakes.

If the surface is uneven, even then, the brakes will work like a charm with the minimum skid. It is because this bike is equipped with an extensive 7-inch rim and 16 inch wide tires. These wheels grant extra grip on the rough ground giving riders adventure and safety simultaneously.

Moreover, the suspension of this bike works efficiently on off-roads; if you’re looking to a rocky or a dirt track, this quad bike is required. The counter back lit night shift display is an excellent feature of this quad bike. It displays the much-needed information such as battery level, speed, and the distance covered.

You can travel up to 35-40 km approximately until this quad bike needs to be recharged for the next ride. This bike requires around 6-8 hours to charge completely.


The gross weight of the vehicle itself is quite large; therefore, it might be hard for taking this vehicle to different locations for some users.

Therefore, the batteries of the vehicle drain over time need to be replaced after some years of usage. Some users reported that batteries drain after a few months.


In my vision, this quad bike is one of the best quad bikes for adults. With the tremendous weight-bearing number at a reasonable price, this quad bike is worth a shot.

2) Explorer S Adult Quad Bikes

Kawasaki ATV/Quadbike
Explorer S Quad

One of the most recommended quad bikes for adults is Explorer S Adult Quad Bike. This quad bike is excellent for those who love adventures and exploring different areas on their quad bikes. This quad bike is only available in Black color, which grants it a decent look for a quad bike.

This bike is an excellent choice for off-road surfaces as it’s 10-inch rims with 22- inch wide tires firmly grasp the ground. If you love exploring new areas on your quad bike and thinking to gain ground, this quad bike is all you require.


This excellent quad bike can be yours from just £4’499.95. It is equipped with all the features required for the perfect quad bike.


This quad bike comes with a 60V 50Ah battery, i.e. ( 5 x 12V ). Its 60V motor generates a 3000W power, which can speed up this quad bike up to 55 Km/h. Also, this Power is sufficient to climb up steep slopes that can not be attained by other quad bikes. You can ride this quad bike for 40-50 Km until this bike needs to be charged again for further use. It takes around 8-10 hours to charge this quad bike again fully. Some users have reported that it takes 12 hours to charge this quad bike when used for the first time.

The bike is excellent for experiences off-road as it is equipped with excellent shock absorbers. Two shock absorbers are on the front and one on the back, which makes this vehicle remarkable on bumpy and off-road tracks. These spring suspensions act as excellent shock absorbers and keep the momentum of the rough terrain minimum to the rider. You can even control the speed limit for yourself.

You can choose between 12 km/h, 20 km/h, and 55 km/h depending upon how your experience when it comes to steering this quad bike. If you’re worried that you might not be able to control his vehicle at higher speeds, do not be afraid, this bike is equipped with three hydraulic disc brakes. Two of them brakes are present in the rear and one in the front. Each restraint is strong enough to bring this quad bike to a complete stop in a relatively short time.

This quad bike is also equipped with a tow bar, so if you’re thinking of moving agricultural products from one place to another, then this quad bike will come in handy to do so. The new generation accelerator handle provides much better acceleration than any other model of quad bikes. The headlights of this quad bike have a further range and are bright enough to give enough illumination during night riding. Finally, it is equipped with an excellent display that shows battery level, distance traveled, and speed of this vehicle.


This bike might have all the features required for the perfect quad bike for your adventure, but it has a few drawbacks. Some riders may find this quad bike hard to control when towing stuff.

Also, the quad bike’s gross weight is significant; therefore, it is hard to move it to different places.


The bike might have these disadvantages, but the features of it can not be ignored. This quad bike is the complete package of all the features one requires. If you’re an adventure-loving individual, then this quad bike is the only thing you need.

3) Explorer GT Adult Quad Bike

Explorer GT Quad

If you’re looking for a quad bike that supports 4WD, Explorer GT Adult Quad Bike must have in your garage. This quad bike has the unique ability to switch between 2WD and 4WD. If your off-road adventure involves steep slopes and extreme dirt, then you require 4WD, but if it’s a simple ride across the countryside, then 2WD comes in handy.


This excellent quad bike can be yours from just £4’999.95. It is equipped with all the features required for the perfect quad bike and has a longer battery life than it’s previous models.


This quad bike is silent, so if you’re willing to ride it, it won’t upset your neighbors. It is equipped with a 60V 50 Ah battery that provides a long riding time. You can switch to 2WD for an even longer riding time. The motor is capable of reaching 3000W of Power to help reach speeds up to 55 km/h. It also comes with three-speed modes that you can set up manually; one mode grants speed up to 12 km/h, whereas the other two grant 20km/h and 55 km/h, respectively. The motor power does not depend upon the speed of this motor. Additionally, the engine’s power is also enough to pull extreme weights when it comes to towing.

If you weigh less than 150 kg, then you can comfortably ride and control this quad bike. The braking system of this bike is remarkable as it is installed with disc brakes two in the front and one in the back. The suspensions act as brilliant shock absorbers for rough terrains. It takes 8-10 hours to recharge this quad bike and get back into action fully.


This quad bike has all the features for the brilliant quad bike, but if you are considering exploring longer distances, then separate batteries are required. Also, the battery timing difference between 2WD and 4WD is significant and can take time to adjust.


If you’re looking for a quad bike for agricultural purposes, then it’s one of the best choices.

4) Eliminator 4WD Quad Bike

Eliminator 4WD Quad

If you’re looking for an extreme quadbike for yourself, then the Eliminator 4WD is needed. This quad bike is incredibly powerful and has flawless performance under vigorous testing. This quad bike is the one you require if you’re going for the toughest tracks, which involve extreme bumps and steep slopes.


This monstrous quad bike can be yours at an incredible price from £14’999.95. It is mighty and durable.


This beast is equipped with supreme features for a quad bike. It’s incredible alloy tires can take on any terrain or road. Its 72V battery makes it a silent beast. Its motor generates 15000W of Power. It is strong enough even to pull a 7-ton tractor. This quad bike is not just for exploring purposes but also can be used for agricultural purposes. Adjustable shocks are also installed within this quad bike and can be adjusted according to the terrain.

Additionally, it’s the battery. It is capable of traveling for 80 kilometers until it needs to be charged again. This quad bike can reach up to 48 km/h depending upon the terrain it operates. The braking system of this quad bike is remarkable, as it can cause the quad bike to come to a complete stop within a matter of seconds. The electric power steering of this quad bike is magical as it helps steer the bike with much ease. Moreover, it also comes with additional unique features such as Easy gear, Front Winch, and handguards.


Based on the powerful motor, this quad bike can only travel up to 48km/hr.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty quad bike, then this is the one require. It can even pull a tractor of 7 tons without making any difference in its performance.

5) Dominator 2WD Quad Bike

Dominator 2WD

If you’re looking for a quad bike that can pull heavy weights but with 2WD, this quad bike is needed. This incredibly powerful adult quad bike is worth the adventure and work. If you want to go on an adventure and ride this quad bike on tight tracks, it’s an excellent choice.


This mighty beast can be rightfully yours at an incredible price from £10’999.95.


This quad bike will provide you with all the essential features for a quad bike. It will also be able to pull heavy weights for you making it an excellent workhorse. It’s also capable of handling tough terrains; hence, it can also provide you with the adventure of your life. The incredible suspensions act as brilliant shock absorbers when riding or towing weights. No matter what the weather conditions are, this quad bike will not fail you. It is equipped with a 72V battery and a motor capable of generating 15kW of Power that is perfect for towing down heavyweights. The digital display is excellent for showing multiple pieces of information such as battery level, speed, and distance covered by the quad bike.


The motor power is high, but the maximum speed of this quad bike is restricted to 45 km/h.


If you are looking for an excellent companion for your adventure as well as work, then this quad bike is the right choice for you. Its battery timing is excellent and performs flawlessly under pressure.

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