Bigger is better: Can I Put Bigger tyres on my quad bike?

Can I put bigger tires on my quad bike?

Some people love to pimp their ride and one of the first things done is to get bigger tyres. Because ‘bigger is better’ right? Finding bigger tyres for your quad bike is one of the easiest mods to do.

Yes, you can put bigger tyres on your quad bike. There are some benefits, but there are also some things to watch out for.

When it comes to vehicles like trucks, jeeps, quad bikes and UTV’s, getting bigger better tyres is a modification people make for increased performance in ground clearance and traction.

What Size Tires Will Fit My Quad Bike? 

Bigger tyres can help your quad bike gain ground clearance and traction in sand, deep mud, snow and on uneven terrain. As a general rule of thumb, most vehicles including quad bikes can safely handle an increase in tyre size one or two sizes bigger.

How big is too big? Are wider ATV tires better?

When it comes to the look, “Bigger is Better” when it comes to quad bike tyres, but how big is too big? When do bigger tyres begin to have a negative affect your quad bike’s handling. This can make your quad bike mechanically unstable or even dangerous in a given situation.


How to read quad bike tyre size

All ATV Tire sizes consist of 3 sets of numbers generally separated by dashes (ex. 25-8-12), forward slashes (ex. 25/8/12), or with an x (ex. 25x8x12).

Quad Bike tyre size chart

1st Number = The overall tire height when inflated (Ex. 25×10-12 is 25″ tall).

2nd Number = The overall tire width when inflated (Ex. 25×10-12 is 10″ wide).  

If no letter follows it is a bias tire.  If the letter ‘R’ follows, it is a radial tire. (Ex. 25x10R-12)

3rd Number = The rim or wheel diameter (Ex. 25×10-12 is 12″ in diameter).

For more information about tyres and quad bike brands, click here for a extensive chart.

What effect can bigger tyres have on your quad bike?

Having bigger tyres on your quad bike will definitely give your quadbike more of an aggressive look and increasing ground clearance and traction at the same time.

There are some negative effects of having bigger tyres on your quad bike, which can cause serious problems if they are not changed using good quality parts and accessories. Also it should be checked by a professional.

Here are some potential issues:

  • Loss of Low End Grunt
  • Increased Clutch Wear
  • Tire Rub on Body Panels / Suspension Components
  • Increased Drive Belt Wear
  • Premature Drive Line Failure – Due to Increased Angles
  • Occasional Premature Axle Failure
  • Premature Wheel Bearing Failure
  • Increased Roll-Over Rate

Bigger tyre size solutions

Here are some solutions to having bigger tyres on your quad bikes and solving the potential problems that could occur.

Gear Reduction and Clutch Kits
Heavy duty of severe duty belts
Drivetrain and suspension upgrades
Lift kits and wheel spacers

1)     Gear Reduction and Cutch Kits

When you make your tyre bigger and even taller on your quad bike, this will mean a higher gear ratio. Bigger tyres are heavier and will have a larger rotating mass, which will take from the low-end torque and power from your quad bike.

The quad bike engine will strain harder to get the wheels moving once at speed, but it will be fine until you encounter something like deep sand or mud, where the ability to spin the tires quickly in mud will be diminished.

The best solution to this issues will be to install a gear reduction kit or install a clutch kit. These solutions are different so choose the kit which will best serve your needs.

  • Gear Reduction Kits will allow the wheels to spin faster.
  • Clutch Kits will allow the engine to rev higher before engaging.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that both of the above solutions will cause a loss in overall top speed for your quad bike.

Example of a Clutch Kit: EPI Sport Utility Kit

I think EPI is a very good company when it comes to getting bigger tyres. EPI has said that their approach is to get their hands on every Quad Bike, UTV and Snowmobile out there and develop their Clutch Kits by putting on the miles in sand, mud, snow and trails the way you do.

Clutch kits are too expensive. For example, at right around £270, EPI makes a clutch kit for almost every ATV allowing them to run 27” or 28” tires.

Clutch Kit
Clutch Kit

You can have a look on Amazon here for a EPI Sport Utility Clutch kit 

Gear Reduction Kit

SuperATV Transmission Gear Reduction Kit is a good recommendation for a gear reduction kit. They are available to fit a variety of machines and are often offered as either a 12% reduction kit or 25% reduction kit.

SuperATV transmission gear reduction kits come with everything you need to reduce your gearing and gain back the torque lost.

These kits are quite affordable too, however they do require quite a bit of mechanical knowledge as you have to tear your transmission apart to replace the stock gears. 

You can have a look on Amazon here for a SuperATV Transmission Gear Reduction Kit.

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