Electric Quad Bikes Vs Petrol Quad Bikes. Which is better?

Quad bikes also known as ‘all-terrain vehicle’ (ATV) are all the rage nowadays and adults and kids like them equally. These are an amazing pass time, and everyone loves to drive a super cool quad bike. You would be surprised to look at different categories which exist of these quad bikes. Quad Bikes have now more popular than ever because they are not only fun to drive but also safe and easier.

Electric Quad Bikes have some obvious advantages. They are eco-friendly and minimize maintenance costs. Due to the simple fact that they do not use petrol or emit any toxic gasses like petrol does.

Quad bikes are also allowed for teenagers as well once they reach a certain age. However, sometimes it gets difficult to decide which bike to be used, an electric quad bike or a petrol quad bike. People also often get confused if they want to stick to the traditional gas quad bike or to a newer model of electric ATV.

If you are also in the same situation that you are not able to decide if you want to ride an electric quad bike or a petrol quad bike, then you should look at the comparison between the these two given below. You are definitely going to have an idea about your preference in bikes, and when you complete this piece of writing, you would know what kind of quad bike you want.

Electric Quad Bike
Electric Quad Bike

Comparing Electric Quad Bikes and Petrol Quad Bikes

If you are thinking about buying a quad bike for yourself or for your kids and you are confused about the electric design or gas quad bike design, then you should read the below-mentioned difference between an electric quad bike and petrol quad bike.

These differences will help you decide between these two designs with ease, and you can make an informed decision. We are going to tell the properties of both petrol quad bikes and electric quad bikes one by one, and then you will get to know about the pros and cons of each bike.

First, you are going to know the petrol quad bike and then petrol quad bikes.

Petrol Quad Bike

Petrol quad bikes or gas quad bikes are also known as gas ATVs are great for people who are interested in traditional gas operated quad bikes or ATVs should get these bikes. These are easy to refill, and you can take these on-road and off-road as well. Now take a look at the


ATV power is not compared to a car, but you can use it in both on-road and off-road driving. These quad bikes are lighter in weight, and they can achieve impressive speeds. People who are a fan of hunting they can go on these quad bikes because these are good for both on-road and off-road driving.

A petrol quad bike has a regular engine with one or more cylinders. Power of petrol quad bike is increased with the capacity of the cylinders in the bike. It is good for those who want to use traditional methods and don’t want to go for electric quad bikes.


It is obvious that a petrol quad bike will make noise because of the engine design, which is similar to a regular car.

Fuel is pumped into the cylinder of the quad bike where it is burned, and exhaust gases are then created in the result of fuel combustion and then eliminated through the exhaust system.

Noise is created due to this extensive process, and a more powerful petrol quad bike can be noisier, especially it is driven at high speed.


It is understandable that if you are spending a lot of money around a few hundred or thousand dollars, then it is important to consider the maintenance price for the vehicle as well. A petrol quad bike has many moving parts, so its maintenance is going to cost you more.

Moreover, you are going to spend more to refill a gas tank on a regular basis. You might be spending a few hundred dollars on its maintenance as well. If you are purchasing a kids’ quad bike, then this much maintenance can seem ridiculous.


It is of high importance to consider usability or practicality of a quad bike. A petrol quad bike makes it a little easier because if you are out of gas, you can simply put gas and ready to go away again. Some petrol quad bikes also have a longer range than electric quad bikes.


Due to increasing global warming, it is important to have environmental concerns too if you are buying a vehicle. Petrol quad bikes can cause environmental damage due to fuel combustion.

About Electric Quad Bikes

People who are fond of modern technology and want to challenge the traditional method and want to try new technology, electric quad bikes are for them. They are also relatively low maintenance and easier to operate. These are especially great for people who want to buy kids quad bike. Below are the properties of electric quad bikes as compared to petrol quad bikes.


Electric quad bikes have battery-operated engines and these batteries offer maximum torque by only pressing the acceleration pedal, and it will help you go quicker. It is amazing for going racing and hunting as well because these can achieve high speeds as well. If you want the fastest acceleration, you should go for an electric quad bike.


Electric quad bikes are relatively silent because they are fewer moving parts and they don’t produce exhaust gases. You just press the pedal, and the electric quad bikes take off without any louder sound. If you want lesser noise, then you should buy electric quad bikes.


It is really easy to understand that electric quad bikes have fewer moving parts and that’s why there are fewer things which can be damaged or broken. It is also possible to recycle lithium-ion batteries which also make the cost lower and also electricity is cheaper than gasoline.


Electric quad bikes take time to get recharged because the batteries require time which makes the practicality challenged. That is why electric quad bikes are better to use as a hobby and not for regular use.


If you are concerned about environmental concerns of your quad bike, then you are better off with electric quad bikes. These bikes use clean energy which is without any toxic gases and no toxic fumes released from the back as compared to petrol quad bikes.

Pros and Cons of Electric & Petrol Quad Bikes

If the above-mentioned properties were not enough to make your mind for any of the quad bikes, then you should look at the pros and cons of these bikes one by one and then decide for yourself.

About Petrol Quad Bikes

Petrol quad bikes are the one which is functional by using gasoline or petrol and not on batteries. Some of the pros of the petrol quad bikes are given below.

Pros of petrol quad bikes

  1. They are great for people who want to have bikes for regular use, and these are equally good for on-road and off-road driving.
  2. These can go on high speed because of the engine usage and the higher capacity of cylinders.
  3. These have higher practicality because all you have to do is to fill the tank and you are ready to go.

Cons of petrol quad bikes

  1. Petrol quad bikes are high maintenance bikes because they have more moving parts and required more maintenance.
  2. They can be environment hazard due to toxic gases and fumes.
  3. Petrol quad bikes can make much noise depending on cylinders used.

Electric Quad Bikes

Electric quad bikes are a refreshing change for many people who are tired of traditional methods of travelling. These are battery operated bikes, and batteries can be recharged using electricity. Pros and cons of electric quad bikes are given below.

Pros of electric quad bikes

  1. They are easy to get off as you just have to push a switch, and you are good to go.
  2. These are lower in maintenance because of fewer moving parts.
  3. These are highly environment friendly.
  4. Amazing to use as kids quad bikes.
  5. Power is higher in electric quad bikes.
  6. These don’t make much sound while driving, hence lower noise pollution.

Cons of electric quad bikes

  1. These are good for people who want to use a bike as a hobby and a little difficult for everyday use.
  2. Practicality is lower because you will have to wait for at least a few minutes before you can go your way after a recharge.

Petrol Vs Electric Quad Bikes: My Conclusion

In my opinion, I think the simple fact electric quad bikes or more economically friendly, especially due to the fact that quad bikes are very popular with kids and younger people.

The innovation of electric vehicles is already close to being mainstream, so it is only natural that other ATV vehicles follow that same path. Not needing to worry about the petrol that is scare globally as it is.

You have now learnt almost everything about both electric quad bikes as well as petrol quad bikes. You can now make an informed decision about your requirements and needs.

If you want to use a quad bike for regular use, then you should go for petrol quad bikes, but our final words on both these bikes are that electric quad bikes are relatively better at use except for their practicality due to recharge time.

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