Finding the lightest 32 inch ATV tire

ATVs are fun to ride, both for recreational or for racing purposes. They can also be used for utility as well as other professional purposes. If you also own an ATV, then you should also know the technicalities related to your ATV. You should know how each part of your ATV works and responds to your actions. You should also know about its specifications and various parts. And finally, you should know about the modifications you can make with your own ATV base model. In this article, we shall look into the lightest 32” tire for an ATV. 

The lightest 32 inch ATV tires are:

  • CST Sludge Hammer
  • ITP Mammoth Mayhem
  • Super ATV Assassinator

We will go through them in detail later.

But first, we must know how does an ATV responds to light or heavy tires. It varies from ATV to ATV; some vehicles respond pretty well to light tires while the others damage themselves when installed with heavier tires. Each component of your vehicle reacts differently with the installation of a lighter or a heavier tire. 

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If the tire is bigger, then it would be heavier as compared to a smaller tire. Bigger tires are no doubt a good choice if you wish to attain some extra ground in muddy or snowy areas; however, you should know how much weight your ATV can sustain when installing a heavy tire while maintaining its performance if your tire is bigger and heavier than it can put on stress on various parts of your ATV. This extra weight also tends to damage your vehicle. 


If you’re using a heavier tire, then your engine will need to generate more power to get the tire moving from a stationary position. As you’re using a big and a heavy tire, you’re increasing your gear ratio, which in turn means that you’re just increasing your rotating mass. If your ATV gets stuck in mud or snow, your ATV can even become ineffective and get stuck if your tires are too heavy or sturdy compared to your ATV’s engine power. 

Therefore, light tires are recommended as they are relatively small, can spin more effectively, and require less engine power. Their rotating mass is much lesser, allowing them to turn more as compared to a heavy, sturdy tire. Additionally, lighter tires perform better when it comes to muddy or snowy areas. 

If you are still using a heavy tire, you need to lower the gears to generate more torque. This torque might help you gain more traction, but you won’t be able to ride your ATV at high speeds. 


When it comes to acceleration, it is pretty much self-explanatory. If you’re using a heavier and a larger tire, then your speed will be decreased dramatically, and if you’re using a lighter tire, you will be able to accelerate your ATV at a much faster pace. Lighter tires are usually used for racing purposes as they can help you achieve high speeds much faster. However, your vehicle might not be able to achieve a top-end speed if your tires are really small. 


Tire size and weight affect the handling and center of gravity of your ATV dramatically. You should keep in mind that heavier tires raise the center of gravity and make your ATV extremely unstable. If you make sharp turns on an ATV installed with heavier and larger tires, you will make your ATV challenging to steer. Your turn radius will be reduced, which will negatively impact your trail riding capabilities. In contrast to these, lighter tires have a greater turn radius, and they can be turned with minimal force; they will also lower the center of gravity of the vehicle and increase its traction. Making sharp turns on an ATV equipped with smaller tires is relatively easy than an ATV installed with bigger and heavier tires. 


If you’re using larger and heavier tires, then it will impact your suspensions much more. The suspensions won’t take more weight off the tires and might not work as efficiently as they are supposed to. Larger and heavier tires will simply increase the weights of the Drivetrain as well as the suspensions, which will, in turn, increase your ATV’s maintenance and repair problems. 

In short, you should look for a balanced ATV tire between performance as well as weight. If the tire’s weight is more than the performance of your vehicle is compromised, and if the weight is optimum, the performance of your ATV will be boosted. However, choosing lighter tires than the factory ones for your ATV can even further increase the performance, but this can be risky in some cases. Therefore, you should always consult a manual when checking for the right tires for your ATV. 

Lightest 32 Inch ATV tires

Following are the lightest 32 inches ATV tires. 

CST Sludge Hammer

This 32 inch ATV tire is the lightest one in its class. They are well known for clawing out an ATV from the deepest mud ever. This tire being extremely lightest, these tires are the best for muddy areas. Their 6-ply rating makes them highly durable and allows them to last longer.

They can be yours for around £181/$250

ITP Mammoth Mayhem

This ATV tire is amongst the lightest ones in this class, and it weighs about 55lbs. It provides riders with a smooth ride across the trails. Being light in weight, it is an excellent choice for muddy terrains. It has a 6-ply rating which makes it last longer.

This tire can be yours for around £153/$211 

SuperATV Assassinator

This ATV tire is also amongst the lightest 32 inch ATV tires. It weighs about 60lbs and costs around £180/£250. They are well known for heavy-duty mud tires. Their unique design allows them to clean themselves and get rid of the mud that attaches to them while riding. 


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