How do you mix 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike?

How to mix 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike? Mixing 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike engine is important. Knowing how to mix 2 stroke fuel ratios, or even what ratios to use can really do your head in. It is a process which confuses so many people, but actually can be simple if done the right way. Though it is imperative that you get the mixture right otherwise you can damage your engine.

When mixing 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike engine require pre-mixed fuel.

So how to mix 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike? and is my quad bike 2 stroke?

  1. You will need a ratio cup for the 2 stroke oil. Castor High performance stroke oil is recommended to be one of the best. The ratio cup must have measurements on the side for you to measure how much you are putting. This is very important.
  2. You will need your unleaded petrol in a tank container.
  3. 40:1 ratio means 40 part of oil, to 1 part of unleaded petrol. 40:1 tends to be the most popular ratio for mixing, but please get recommendations first to know what it best for your quad bike.
  4. Pour the oil in the measuring cup to the right amount, then pour the oil in the container with the unleaded petrol.
  5. Give it a shake and a stir.
  6. Now your mixture is ready and safe to pour in to the fuel tank of your machine.


If you put too much oil or if you use cheap 2 stroke oil… it will NOT run!

One recommendation we make is Silkolene SCOOT 2 semi-synthetic 2-stroke engine oil. Click here to check on Amazon.

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You will also need a 2 stroke oil mixing bottle. Click here to find one on Amazon.

Click here to see the mixing bottle that we have used.

Here is a video to show how…

It is important you only use FULLY SYNTHETIC MOTORCYCLE 2-STROKE PRE- MIX OIL to mix with your petrol. Mixing the fuel is done at a 25:1 ratio for the first 5 tanks and is then reduced to 40:1. Please ensure you mix the fuel and oil carefully. Please inspect your quad bike for damage before use.

Mix 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike/ATV
How to mix 2 stroke fuel for a quad bike?

What is 40:1?

When you see ratios 40:1, what the heck does that mean? It’s simply 40 parts of fresh, unleaded fuel with 1 part of semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil.

When doing the mixing part, you should always do to externally, away from the engine, you should NEVER try to mix a 2-stroke fuel in the fuel tank of a machine. Sometimes you get a free measuring container with your quad bike, if you don’t have anything like that. Otherwise you will have to go out and purchase one.

It’s that simple! Your mixture is now ready and safe to pour into the fuel tank of your machine.

How do you calculate the Fuel to oil ratio?

Now there fast and straight forward formula you can use to calculate this, but it will only work for ratios 50:1

  1. You multiply the number by 2
  2. Then add a ‘0’ at the end

For example, say you have 35 litres. Multiply by 2, which equals 70. Then add a zero at the end. Making it 700ml. Therefore you want to add 700ml to 35 litres of fuel to get the 50:1 ratio.

This is so straight forward, you can possibly do this in your head with out a calculator.


Read your manual

Please refer to your quad bike’s manual regarding the preferred ratio for your vehicle!

What Machines use 2 Stroke Engines?

Now between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, one is not better than the other. Both just have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Most cars and motorcycles tend to have four-stroke motor engines, there are still a few bikes with two-stroke engines, which are known as two-cycle engines.

There are also plenty of other machines use two-stroke engines — like model aeroplanes, chainsaws, mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers / whipper snippers, construction machinery, and snowmobiles.

What is 2 stroke fuel?

This simply is unleaded petrol mixed with 2 stroke oil. The oil to fuel ratio will be specified in your quad bike’s engine instruction manual.

The oil in 2 stroke fuel is extremely important in lubricating your engine as two strokeengines do not have an internal oil reservoir. Without the oil, you risk destroying your engine. That is why it is so important to get your 2stroke oil mix right the first time!

Why Should I Mix 2 stroke fuel and not Put Straight Petrol into a 2 Stroke Engine?

Four stroke petrol is straight unleaded petrol (known in the USA as Gas) will rapidly reduce the lifespan of your 2 stroke engine — and by a considerable amount. This is the wrong fuel for a 2 stroke motor, as it doesn’t provide the quality of lubrication that you need.

It almost goes without saying, by forcing an engine to run without the correct lubrication you are almost guaranteed in damaging the piston and cylinders.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to replace these parts and can be expensive, as its what you call an “engine rebuild”. This is easily preventable just by mixing the fuel and oil correctly.

What’s the difference between 2 stroke fuel engines and 4 stroke fuel engines?

There are a fuel differences between 2 stroke engines and 4 stroke engine. One is not better than the other, they both have their own pros and cons.

Here is a list of differences. But please use this knowledge to add value to your existing knowledge.

  • Weight
  • Engine power
  • Engine temperature
  • Design
  • Engine braking
  • Traction
  1. Weight – Occasionally there will be difference in weight. 2 stroke engines tend to be a little lighter.
  2. Engine power – 2 stroke engines generally generate more power per cubic centimetre. Although 4 stoke engines can produce more horse power. Overall, they both can produce comparable power relatively speaking.
  3. Engine temperature –  both engines are liquid cooled. 2 stroke engines tend to run cooler at lower speeds generally. Whereas 4 strokes struggle to run cool when riding in slower terrain. But in medium or high terrain, both 2 stroke and 4 stroke will run roughly the same engine temperature.
  4. Design – 2 stroke engines have a simpler design and less moving parts. Meaning it will require less replacement parts compared to a 4 stroke engine quad bike.
  5. Brakes – generally speaking 4 stroke engine quad bikes provide a stronger braking system when it comes to engine braking, than compared to 2 stroke engine quad bikes. Engine braking provides a lot of value to your riding experience.
  6. Traction – 4 stroke engine quad bikes may provide better traction than compared to 2 stroke engine quad bikes.

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