How long do ATV/Quad bike engines last?

When you are planning to buy anything costly, it is necessary to make sure about its life expectancy. Similar is the case with an ATV, before purchasing you should be aware of how long it will last. There are different models of ATVs available.

At first, it is difficult to make the correct choice out of them according to your needs, and secondly, the lifespan of the model is an important part too. The accessories and other spare parts of the ATV should also be available readily so that it may not create any trouble when they need to be changed.

The estimated lifespan of an ATV/Quadbike

If the ATV is well maintained, then it could live for 20 years. If the ATVs are maintained properly, then even after having a running span of over 1000 hours, they will still run as a new ATV. Sometimes, some vehicles may pose some problems at the start, but with little attention and care, the results can be different. 

Various manufacturers of ATVs are available. All of them have different policies and agreements; you should always go for the most economical way to buy or fix your quad.

In past days, the value of the ATV was determined by the factor of how much distance it has covered, but nowadays, people go for the outer beauty of how wisely an ATV is maintained.

If you are conscious about the service of your ATV and perform its maintenance timely, then, of course, your quad will last longer. This will also prevent the expensive rebuild of the engine.

When the repair cost of your ATV starts increasing, then it’s the right time to kick off the older version and buy a new one.

Average mileage of an ATV

It is tough to estimate how long your ATV will go or how many miles it will cover. It depends on different factors like how do you take care of your machine, where do you ride, and how do you ride.

If an ATV reaches around 10,000 miles, then it is considered to have ‘high mileage’. Even at 10,000 miles, if the previous owner took the time and effort caring for the ATV, then the vehicle could last a lot longer.

For instance, if you ride an ATV on the road, then you could easily cover thousands of miles before any serious repair of your ATV, but if you love to ride on rough tracks and muddy terrains, then hardly you can cover hundreds of miles before any serious repair of the vehicle. Rough paths exert more wear and tear on the machine.

If you are planning to buy a second hand ATV, then it is impossible to calculate how far it would go. You just have to find out how it had been used in the past. Always look for a quad that looks good on the outside, and don’t forget to check its bearings and boots.

Look out for the other signs as well, like the rusty frame or its plastic body. If the chassis gets rusty earlier, then the lifespan of the vehicle is also decreased.

The quads that are maintained well and serviced regularly can last up to more than a decade or even more. The quads that are driven roughly can last for up to 6 to 8 years without creating much trouble.

It is still possible to run your quads, even more, when kept in good condition. Many riders tend to sell their ATVs in the second-hand market, buy a new ATV for them, and enjoy the latest features.

ATVs That Last Forever

If the ATV is oiled and greased regularly, kept inside the garage, then even some models of 1980 can run like new ones. Simultaneously, some models with age less than ten years are ready to be ended in the junkyard. When it is asked which brands will last for the longest period, then only two names come in mind, Honda and Suzuki. 


When we talk about Suzuki engines, whether in ATVs or bikes, they have been designed to stay for a long time if kept with proper care and attention, and you get more than the worth of your money. Some old King Quad 300s get you down earlier as compared to the Suzuki 450, which could last forever. Their spare parts are easily available both in the new and the second-hand market; this shows their fast and cheap repair if ever required. 


When it comes to ATVs, Honda is a very reliable brand and holds a good reputation. Many of the old classical models get advertised for sale. This shows that they still have the capability to perform best. When it comes to tough jobs like yard duties or heavy farm work, then Honda is the trusted name.

Hondas can perform the task without taking much time. The little quad Honda Rincon is among the many others that can run on the trails over 20,000 miles without any repairs.

Other famous brands for quad are Yamaha Rhino and the Yamaha Grizzly 700.

ATVs that do not last as long as others…

In the ATV sector, the growth of many Chinese manufacturers has been observed.

They are making ATVs at a lower price as compared to the other competitors.

These manufacturers are not trustworthy as they have used cheap spare parts for manufacturing these machines, and it may become difficult to relocate the spare parts. The estimated lifespan for these Chinese ATVs is not more than 6-7 years. If these are not looked after properly, then they may and up even sooner than this.

Polaris arctic cat is at the top of the list with many electrical issues that are difficult to fix.

Tips for the Maintenance of ATVs

The service of ATVs should always be done professionally in every quarter. Otherwise, regular maintenance should always be done by you regularly.

  1. Both dirt and dust can cause significant damage to the engine of the ATV., so these quads need adequate cleaning for proper running.
  2. The air filter and the oil filter of your ATV should be checked and changed regularly.
  3. If you plan to go on a dirty and a muddy ride, then do not forget to apply grease to the quads so that mud can not stick to it.
  4. The brakes and chains of the ATVs need regular cleaning because mud always gets stuck on the brakes and strings.
  5. In order to run the ATV smoothly, oils should be checked regularly.
  6. In order to have enough lubrication on the bushings, the zerks on the suspension should be greased properly because the possibility is always there to get it torn off.
  7. After washing, the ATV should be dried up properly so that water may not enter the engine.
  8. Jet wash should be avoided to prevent damage to the seals.
  9. For the maintenance of electrical systems, it is necessary to prevent corrosion on the electrical terminals. The wear and tear of wires should never be neglected and checked from time to time.
  10. The ATV should always be parked in a shaded garage or a hood as it will increase the durability of your ATV. If your house is small and enough space is not there to park, then your ATV should at least be covered properly. The best available cover for your ATV is the Badass Moto Ultimate ATV cover. It is a thick and heavy cover with vents and zippers.

Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover

ATV cover

This cover has the following features.

  • It protects the ATV from dust, dirt, snow, wind, wet leaves, birds, pollens, and even more.
  • It has night reflective property and is visible in the dark as well. Its bold yellow stripes shine and make it visible in the night.
  • It has an easy to access zipper panel through which your gas tank, handlebars, and keys are easy to access even when covered.
  • This cover has four strong straps, which make it easy to tow the covered ATV.
  • The ATV cover is durable, attractive, and elastic. It is made up of waterproof fabric with a warranty of 3 years.

Just by adopting the above-mentioned rules, one can increase the lifespan of the ATV. If the ATV is maintained properly, then you can sell it very quickly at a good price in the second-hand market.

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