How Much Does A Quad Bike Weigh? Guide to quad bike weight limits


So a common question is what is weight of a quad bike, or how much does a quad bike weigh. The weight a quad bike may weigh is important for many reasons. The weight of a quad bike is important for children as well. How much a quad bike will weigh will help a child ride a quad bile more easily and handle weight better.

This is a general chart showing how much average quad bikes weigh.

Quad bikeAverage WeightAdditional Information
50 cc215 lbLightest. Ideal for kids
70 cc250 lbIdeal for adventure
90 cc265 lbIdeal for teens
200 cc365 lbFor teens and adults
250 cc410 lbIdeal for exploration
300 cc477 lbHard to control by teens
350 cc375 lb – 490 lbMost will be around 490 lb
400 cc495 lbAverage weight
450 cc400lb -700 lbUtility quad bikes are heavier
500 cc630 lbUsed in extreme sports
650 cc630 lbUtility quad bikes
700 cc396 lb – 809 lbLarge range of weights
800 cc597 lbCan weigh heavier
1000 cc772 lb – 902 lbExtreme engine power

Sometimes our routines can make us stressed. So, to get rid of the stress activity is performed, which relieves the stress. One of the examples of stress relievers is Quad Bike riding. It can reduce stress from the human mind and provide a remarkable adventure for a lifetime. Choosing the right quad bike is a tough choice; it depends on how the bike operator shall use it.

Quad bike weight depends on it’s use

Quad Bikes are used for adventure rides, exploring, and even for agricultural purposes. Some powerful quad bikes are used for towing purposes as well. The right quad bike must match with the goal you want it. To look for the right bike, you must consider some factors such as speed, handling, motor power, and even weight.

In this article, we will discuss the weight of a quad bike and how it affects the one riding it. 

The Weight of Quad Bikes

You must consider weight as an essential factor that must be brought into account before the purchase of the quad bike. The weight factor for any quad bike significantly affects its purpose.

Some quad bikes are heavy to perform well in the tough situations.

Some are made light enough for more natural control.

How Much Does A Quad Bike Weigh?

Different quad bikes from different brands weigh differently. Some weight as much as 531 kilograms or 1170 pounds while some weigh as less as 100 kilograms or 220 pounds of dry weight.

This dry weight of quad bikes is measured when they are not filled with liquids such as fuels or are not carrying any passengers or rider.

On average, quad bikes have a weight of around 590 lbs that means about 268 kilograms. Quad bikes are installed with rigid aluminium frames and heavy engines. These features are mostly accountable for their weights.

Some quad bikes are equipped with alloy tires, which increase their weight and strength considerably.

When quad bikes are filled with fluids, their weight increases significantly, some quad bikes can hold fuel up to 4.4 gallons.

Weight increases by 15 kilograms or 33 lbs if the other fluids are added up within the quad bike, therefore its weight increases by 12 kilograms or 26 pounds. 

Average Weight of a Quad Bike

The weight of the quad bike depends on the size of the engine in the quad bike. It means that the quad bikes installed with 70 cc engines will weigh a lot less than those equipped with heavy-duty 1000 cc engines. The following are the average weights of each class of Quad bikes available.

50 CC Quad Bike weight

On average, the 50 CC quad bikes are for kids, and their weight is around 215 pounds. These are the lightest quad bikes.

70 CC Quad Bike weight

The weight of 70 CC quad bikes is measured around 250 pounds. Kids use them as it provides them with much-needed adventure.

90 CC Quad Bike weight

An average 90 CC quad bike is weighed around 265 Pounds. It is one of the trending quad bikes used for kids and teenagers.

200 CC Quad Bike weight

A decent 200 CC quad bike is weighed about 365 pounds. This weight of quad bike does not have much diversity but are the ones recommended for teenagers and adults.

250 CC Quad Bike weight

A 250CC quad bike weighs around 410 pounds. These quad bikes are an incredible choice for those who love adventures and exploring.

300 CC Quad Bike weight

A 300 CC quad bike is at least 477 Pounds. Adults use these bikes. This weight is hard to control by teenagers and impossible to control by young kids.

350 CC Quad Bike weight

The lightest 350 CC Quad Bike is 375 pounds.

But most quad bikes are around 490 Pounds.

400 CC Quad Bike weight

As the engine power increases, the weight increases as well. A typical 400 CC quad bike weighs to be around 495 pounds.

450 CC Quad Bike weight

450 CC quad bikes are used for adventures as well as utility.

The lightest quad bike used for sports is lighter than 400 Pounds. The utility quad bikes, although they have a much higher weight that is around 600-700 pounds

This depends on the brand and the model.

500 CC Quad Bike weight

These quad bikes are used in extreme sports and have much higher weights—a standard 500 CC Quad bike measures about 630 pounds on the weight machine.

650 CC Quad Bike weight

Heavy-duty quad bikes weigh even more than regular quad bikes. They are equipped with powerful engines that perform flawlessly in utility. A proper 650 CC Quad Bike weighs more than 630 pounds. 

700 CC Quad Bike weight

A 700 CC quad bike is surprisingly light. But it can be extremely heavy.

The lightest Quad bike in this engine power is 396 pounds, whereas the most massive quad bike weighs about 809 Pounds.

800 CC Quad Bike weight

These heavy-duty 800 CC beasts perform flawlessly. These models make no compromise when it comes to traveling or utility work. They weigh more than 715 pounds on average. Although the lightest 800 CC, ATV weighs about 597 pounds.

1000 CC Quad Bike weight

The 1000CC Quad bikes are the heaviest of all the quad bikes with extreme engine power and efficiency. All the stats of these quad bikes are pushed to the max, making them the heaviest quad bikes. They are mostly used in towing and utility purposes. On average, these quad bikes weigh more than 840 pounds. The lightest in this bunch weighs around 772 pounds, whereas the heaviest weighs more than 920 pounds.

The weight of some popular quad bikes

Make And ModelWeight Limit
Yamaha Raptor 700220 lb
Yamaha YFZ450R220 lb
Honda 400EX220 lb
Polaris Scrambler XP 1000290 lb
Can-Am Renegade 1000R400 lb

The weight for sports and race quad bikes tend to vary compared to the average.

Why is the weight of a quad bike important?

There are a lot of reasons that make the weight of an ATV a crucial aspect. Any of the riders out there cannot ignore this aspect. The weight of the ATV affects various aspects quite differently. The following are the aspects that are affected by the weight of a quad bike.


If you’re moving out of town to a campsite and instead of riding your ATV to that spot you wish to tow it with your vehicle if the weight of the ATV is significantly higher than you might not be able to move it around without riding it. It depends on the vehicle you’re using for towing purposes, but heavier ATVs are difficult to move from one place to another.

Similarly, if you’re thinking of getting a quad bike for agricultural and utility purposes, you might consider riding heavier ATVs than lighter ones. It is because the heavier ATVs have a good power and are durable enough to carry different weights. A heavy ATV can even pull a tractor that weighs more than 5 tons.


The speed of an ATV does not entirely depend upon its weight, although it is seen that lighter quad bikes have a much faster pace than the heavier quad bikes. Hence, lighter ATVs are used in sports, whereas heavier ATVs are preferred in agricultural activities. The ATV speed can be compared only if both the quad bikes have the same engine power.

Although a 70 CC quad bike is much lighter than a 1000 CC quad bike, it does not mean that 70 CC quad bike will go faster than a 1000 CC quad bike. The top speed of a 70 cc quad bike is around 20-25 km/h, whereas 1000 CC quad can reach 120 km/h of top speeds.


If two 1000 CC Quad bikes are being compared, then the quad bike with the lesser amount of weight shall travel faster than the one with more weight.

If additional weight is added to the quad bike either by towing materials or carrying materials, the speed will be affected and shall decrease.


Lighter quad bikes are considered to be controlled more easily than the heavy quad bikes. The light makes their steering relatively easier and quicker. A less amount of force is required to control the quad bike with a lesser weight.

Lesser weight of the quad bike provides less momentum too. Lighter quad bikes are usually preferred for racing and sports because they tend to stop quickly than those who are heavy. Heavy quad bikes do not stop quickly and are sometimes hard to control by an inexperienced rider.

Each class of ATV has its benefits and losses. The following are the pros and cons of a heavy quad bike.

Why Choose A Heavy Quad Bike?

If you’re an experienced rider and love off-road adventures, then a heavy quad bike is required. The heavier models of quad bikes are extremely durable, and due to their large weight, they can take on the toughest of terrains like a pro. Heavyweight quad bikes have a more excellent suspension mechanism; therefore, they provide a better riding experience when it comes to off-road riding.

If you’re a taller person or suffer from neck or back problems, then a heavy quad bike is the one you require. Heavier quad bikes are incredibly comfortable, and they damp the jerks to a vast scale. Even the roughest and toughest tracks do not stand a chance to its suspensions providing a soft and smooth journey.

Heavier quad bikes might be a little hard to control, but they have the best acceleration rates. Some of the heavier quad bikes are used in extreme sports and work flawlessly.

If you are more into the agricultural field and need a quad bike to move around and pull various stuff, then a heavier quad bike should be in your garage. It is exceptionally durable and can sustain high weights without making the slightest compromise on its mighty performance.

Why Choose A Light Quad Bike?

If you’re looking for an economical quad bike that consumes less fuel, you need to get yourself a light quad bike instead of a heavy one. Heavier quad bikes tend to consume more gasoline than lighter ones. Additionally, the maintenance charges for light quad bikes are far less than that of the heavier quad bikes.

If you are on a track that is not rough but has a lot of turns, then a light quad bike is the one you’re looking. Heavier quad bikes are known for their strength and great acceleration rates, but unfortunately, their handling is quite tight and requires experience to master. If you’re new to quad bikes, then lighter quad bikes will be the ones that will provide you the adventure for your life.

Finally, if you’re short on budget, then lighter quad bikes are the only choice. With less engine power and comfort, the lighter quad bikes cost far less than heavier quad bikes. It is estimated that a lighter quad bike can be owned in just £200, whereas a heavy quad bike can be owned in £15000.

Which Is The Lightest Quad Bike?

If you are wondering which quad bike is the lightest, then Honda TRX 250EX is the one. This is the lightest quad bike which can be operated by adults. It weighs roughly around 360 pounds.


Which Is the Heaviest Quad Bike?

If you’re looking for the heaviest quad bike in the world, you’re looking for Polaris sportsman XP 1000. This quad bike is the heaviest and mightiest of all. It weighs about 927 pounds that are equivalent to about 420 kilograms. This quad bike is incredibly powerful and can only be handled well by the most experienced riders.


Utility Quad Bikes Weight Limits

Make And ModelWeight Limit
Honda FourTrax Foreman 500485 lbs
Can-Am Outlander 570 (2 seater)598 lbs
Can-Am Outlander T Series 1000600 lbs
Can-Am Outlander 570 (1 seater)517 lbs
Polaris Sportsman XP 1000715 lbs

From this table you can clearly see that utility quad bikes can take on more weight.

What To Do About Quad Bike Weight Limits?

Please always follow your users manual.

Going over the manufacturers weight limits will cause damage crucial parts of your Quad Bike.

An alternative is to get yourself some after market shock absorbers made to hold the extra weight.

Quad bike - shock absorbers
Quad bike – shock absorbers

You can find some on Amazon fairly easily. Click here to see what Amazon have available.

I strongly recommend that you check the size details to make sure it will fit your quad bike beforehand.


ATVs provide a great fun experience in this modern world. They can not only be used for the greatest of expeditions but also various other purposes. The right weight of the quad bike will provide the best possible experience for the rider. Each weight has its unique capabilities. All the quad bikes with various weights serve various purposes.

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