How do I get mud off my ATV?

How to get the mud off my ATV?

ATV is an adventurous sport. Most of the time, it is ridden in mud and sand, so it often gets dirty. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to take the mud off in order to retain the original shine of the vehicle. After enjoying the adventurous ride now, it is time to clean up the muddy vehicle. This process may be tiresome but is vital for the life of your ATV. We will discuss a few tips to keep the ATV neat and clean after a muddy race.

Products used to clean muddy ATV

Before getting into the details of the entire cleaning process, first, we will discuss some of the cleaning products.

Pressure washer

It is the most important cleaning tool and is loved by the ATV fanatics. It blasts off the mud and dirt from the wheels, radiator, and other plastic parts. It not only removes the mud but saves time too. Be careful while using the pressure washer on the sensitive parts as it can damage radiator fins and other plastic parts.

It should be noted that when cleaning the ATV with a pressure washer, it is more likely that the dirt particles can sediment into the seals due to the high pressure of the water, so on the tight areas, it is recommended to use slow pressure of water.

It comes with a mobile cart that can be easily detached, and the pressure washer can stand alone on the stand. It exerts a powerful cleaning force and prevents water wastage. It is a sophisticated tool with leakproof connections.


Only pressure washing is not enough to clean ATV. Deep cleansing is done using detergents. By forming a rich lather, they are able to remove even minute particles of dirt and mud. One of the best products used for cleaning purposes is the Chemical Guys tough mudder soap.

It is quite economical to purchase. If this detergent is directly sprayed on the dry mud and dirt, then the mudslides off easily. Surface release additives are added in it, which makes the fresh dirt difficult to stick on the surface of the quad. It is suggested to use a foam cannon with this ATV cleaner.

Scrub brush

A scrub brush is used to remove mud from the minor cracks and crevices which are otherwise unable to reach with a towel. Picking up a scrub brush for this purpose is a good idea. Commonly used scrub brush is from Mothers. It has soft bristles that can easily clean mud and dirt from the wheels. It can easily remove dirt from the parts which are unreachable by the hands.


Keeping microfibre towels in your garage is always a good idea. Towels can be used to dry off the quad or remove the dirt manually from your ATV, which could not be removed from the muddy ATV. Towels are a cheap tool for cleaning.they can either be used in dried form or wet with soapy water to remove dirt and mud. Towels are a safe way of cleaning without any fear of producing scratches on your ATV.

Process of cleaning

The cleaning process involves the following steps.


If the quad is covered in so much mud and dirt and it is difficult to identify its original color, then presoaking is an important step. At first, the quad is lightly tapped with a hammer so that the large pieces of the hard caked mud cement may fall off. In this step, water is sprayed on the vehicle in a heavy and wide stream.

This step of soaking the quad with water is done again and again so that the remaining mud can soften. Sometimes the mud is too hard, so it may take a few rounds of water spray to soak the quad properly and remove the mud.

Initial blast

Once the presoaking of the muddy quad is complete, and all the caked mud is loosened up, then it is the step to remove the mud forcefully. The most common and easiest way to do this is with a pressure washer. You can also do it with the pressure spray nozzle of your garden.

Most of the powerful pressure washers are gas-powered, but electric powered pressure washers are also available. Most of us do not have these gas or electric-powered pressure washers, so there is no need to worry about; a hose and a nozzle can work for us. While using a hose and nozzle, it is necessary to make the most forceful setting for the best pressure flow of water.

Go around your ATV and give it a bath with a stream of this pressurized water to remove the maximum mud before using a sponge or a brush on it. The more the mud is removed in pressure washing, then it would be comparatively easy to clean it up in the remaining process. Until this step, your quad would be more or less free of mud and dirt.

Make sure that this entire process of pressure washing is done on a hard floor near to gutters so that the floor can be easily cleaned after the entire process of washing the quad finishes up. Washing your ATV in your lawn would not be a good idea at all because, in the end, the tires will again be messed up with a lot of grass and mud.

Soap and Sponge

Sometimes this step can be skipped if you have efficiently cleaned all the mud off your quad by pressure washing. But still, it is better to clean the quad further using a sponge and a suitable detergent. This would scrub off the remaining dirt leaving your quad neat and clean.

Scrubbing with a soapy sponge is preferable on the other surfaces of ATV like the seat, frame, arms, and other plastic parts because even after pressure cleaning, dirt still remains visible on these parts.

For the parts of the quad which are out of reach of the sponge, a hard brush can do wonders to remove even the minor particles of the dirt. For tough oily stains like chain guards and swingarm, a degreaser is used. Just spray the degreaser at the oily stains, leave there for some time, scrub it gently and then wash it off.


Drying is a vital part of the process of cleaning. Different techniques for drying are opted depending upon what is available at that time. A lint-free towel would be an effective tool in drying when the quad is still a little wet, and the spots of water are visible on the surface.

If you have a handy air compressor, then it will not only dry the quad but will even remove even the tiniest water droplets from the surface. This is very useful as it dries out and removes the water even from the minor cracks and crevices which are out of reach by a towel.

This helps to prevent the rusting of parts as well. In order to protect the ATV, the moving parts and the large metal surfaces are sprayed with a quality rust inhibitor. This even makes it easy to clean the quad next time when it gets dirty.

Shiny It Up

It is also an important step, but it gets skipped by most of the people. If you want your quad to look new again and minimize the faded areas, then it is an important step that one should be aware of. Once the quad is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and dried up, the last step is to spray it with the suitable plastic polish. Plexor or SC1 is most commonly used for this purpose.

This polish is used to give a new look to the plastic parts of your quad and retain its shine back. While spraying the polish, make sure to avoid it on the driving seat as it would make it slippery.

In the end, now the ATV is again back with its shine and is ready for the next joyful ride.

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