How to tow with an ATV

People who love outdoor thrill are the ones with the demand of having everything perfect. So, when it comes to ATV, they might think of themselves as an expert, but sometimes experts need some guidance too. If you are searching for some sporting adventure and for the towing techniques to get your vehicle to the place, you need to know the ways to do it.

A standard full size quad bike or ATV can tow from 227 kg to 750 kg, or 500 lb to 1650 lb. The weight may differ depending on it you are towing in wet mud or up and down hills.

When it comes to towing with an ATV or Quadbike, there are some things that need to be considered, such as:

  • Evenly distribution of weight
  • Driving at a slow pace
  • Checking the equipment
  • Make sure the brakes work
  • Having the correct equipment
  • Checking wheel bearings and tires

Read below for the full list of things to check when towing an ATV or a Quadbike.

However, towing the ATV may not be that easy and smooth meanwhile also ensuring the safety of it. Still, we can help you with the tips to use and be smooth like a pro on your first ATV driving.

This article will be covering all kinds of safety tips for towing ATV.

Distribute the weight evenly

It is the most important factor either you are towing the ATV or using ATV for towing, balancing the weight is important. So, always make sure that weight is not sliding on one part as it will cause more trouble while you are on the road. Therefore, distribute the weight evenly and avoid the trouble.

Drive slowly

You must understand that you are carrying heavyweight machinery. And driving fast can be the most dangerous thing at that time. If you are a fast driver and think you can manage, still drive slow as you have been careful of the safety of vehicles, ATV, and others on the road. Also, it is better to take precautionary measures than end up at the repairing shop.

Keep checking the equipment

Most people do not look back once they hit the road and they face the problem after they reach the place and see that both the towing equipment and ATV are badly damaged. So, if you are going to take a long trip, keep checking the equipment and ATV after a few intervals and ensure safety and security.

Use the right equipment

Then, we also see that people often face a problem regarding the equipment. So, it is also a necessary thing to keep in mind to use the right equipment. The capacity of the towing equipment should be enough to handle the weight of both trailer and ATV. And the size of the hitch is important and it is also recommended to use the trailer specially designed for ATV.

Make sure brakes work

Trailer brakes and signal lights are other factors and you need to make sure that they are working fine. A little negligence can cause unimaginable damage and check that they synchronize with the tow vehicle.

Secure the objects

Check that you secure the large or loose objects carefully on the trailer. This is the part of safety and once you ensure their security, you don’t have to worry about it at all throughout the journey.

Check wheel bearing and tires

Be aware of the tires and wheel bearing before you head out towards the road. Check them out and a better option is to get them to check from the expert. So, you wouldn’t be facing any problems during the journey.

Hitch the trailer carefully

This is the most important point for safety. You need to follow the proper procedures and double-check all the connections. Watch out for the coupler, wiring, and safety chain connections and make sure they are not loose at any point.

Be careful about the distance following your vehicle

It is always recommended that if you are towing heavy machinery, increase the distance of your vehicle form another vehicle following or in front of you. Never travel too close as it takes longer to stop the towing equipment and it can cause a major accident.

Check the traffic flow

Observing the traffic and keeping your eyes open for the traffic flow is important and every great driver knows about it. While you scan the road, you will be able to see the problem ahead and it is easy to stop, change lanes or accelerate on time.

Avoid trailer sway

Trailer sway is common and most people ignore this. You can prevent it but using the sway control unit. If it is not possible to take away the foot from the gas, apply brakes manually with the brake controller. Once you press the button, it will align the trailer with the vehicle.

Watch out for sudden turns

Sudden turns are dangerous too. Although, you must avoid them at all. Or even if you have to take, watch out for them, and be careful while taking the turn. And never skip the seatbelt while, this is not just a law, but a safety precaution for you.

Watch out while passing

Passing and anyone passing by can be a safety alert too, so be patient and know that you will need more space to pass by and it is better to avoid passing on a two-lane road.

Be cautious while changing lanes

Changing lanes can be tricky for the driver. You will have more blind spots because of the trailers and you must develop the abilities to slow down in a smooth way. So, give it time and take it slowly and if possible install tow mirrors for a clear view.

Check mirrors

Great drivers never miss checking the mirrors. So, we assume that you already know that and you will be careful for this little safety tip as it must go without saying.

Watch out for the right parking spot

Avoid parking at a spot that makes it hard to pull out. You must understand that pulling out a vehicle can be a difficult task if you didn’t watch out for the parking spot.

Use a coupler lock

Coupler lock is a life savior. So, use it to keep the trailer, ATV, and your vehicle safe. Make sure that you secure the lock while towing.

Use a transmission-oil cooler

This oil will reduce friction and increase the transmission’s resistance and increase the heat, so it lasts longer. Consider it as a great help for safety measures.

Towing while using an ATV

Well, we know it is about towing the ATV, but what if you are towing using the ATV? Yes, it can be a matter of safety concern to especially if you are new to it.

Know the rack capacity

Always know the rack capacity. Before you put up the whole weight of anything on the rack, just know that it can handle the weight and alsoit has the space to take up the things in it without a problem.

Keep the braking system in good shape

The braking system is a crucial part. Miss it at the right time and you will regret it for lifetimes. So, check the braking system before you hit the road or a certain path for towing the things through ATV. And the best way is to practice it before you go for a final run.

Check CVT belt

If you are using ATV for towing frequently, do not forget to check the CVT belts. They take up the stress and extra stress can be hard on them. So, be careful for them and check before taking the ATV for any activity and avoid any damages.

Ensure the longevity of your ATV using safety tips

We understand that the main concern for you is the detachment. It can be a nightmare. However, the above tips are to avoid any of it and drive safely throughout the journey. And the final tip is to never push the vehicle to the last limit while towing. Yes, we know that ATVs are fun to ride or great for running the farm and carrying a load. But it is only possible if you stress the maintenance plan and stay cautious about their safety. Also, follow every procedure for safety especially while towing it.

Now, follow the tips and if you think, we have missed any, feel free to mention!!

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