Motor engine oils for ATV/Quad bike vehicles

For the maintenance of ATV/Quad bike, frequent changing of the oil and monitoring the oil level is an essential component. In order to enhance the life of your vehicle, it is important to know the best quality oil for the ATV/Quad bike engines. This can be a hectic task to choose the best quality oil from a wide range of available oils for engines in the market.

The engines in the quads and four-wheelers may vary, so a single oil may not be fit for all. In this article, we will look for different types of available engine oils and list the best one out of them.

There are certain parameters that are to be considered while choosing the best quality engine oil for ATV/Quad bike vehicles. Some of the shortlisted parameters are discussed below.

Viscosity rating

When oil is exposed to extremes in temperature, the viscosity of oil may get affected. When the temperature is increased, the oil gets thinner and turns thick if the temperature is decreased. The ideal engine oil remains stable even at the extremes of temperature.

Compatibility of ATV/Quad bike engine

The compatibility of an engine is very important while choosing a suitable engine oil. Suitable engine oil can increase the life of the engine manifolds.

The importance of oil in ATV/Quad bike engines

Similar to all the engines, ATV/Quad bike engines also have some moving parts that work at high temperatures. If these parts are not lubricated properly, then these components may damage quickly and can cause irreparable loss to the engine. In order to lower the friction between the parts and keep the moving parts lubricated, engine oil is used in the ATV/Quad bikes. The engine oil decreases the temperature of the engine parts where the coolant is unreachable. Moreover, it can also act as a sealant to enable the engine to attain the recommended compression. Oil also lessens the corrosion process of the components of the engine and decreases the buildup of carbon generated due to the combustion of gasoline. Regular car engine oils may not be suitable for quad engines because they might not have enough strength for a more powerful engine. Unlike the regular engine oils, engine oils for ATV/Quad bikes lubricate the transmission and also ensure optimum performance.

Best ATV/Quad bike Engine oils

There is a wide range of available ATV/Quad bike engine oils. Out of them, one can use the best one according to their needs. Here we will list down the best available ATV/Quad bike engine oils on Amazon. 

Castrol EDGE Professional LL III 5W-30 Engine Oil 5LCastrol is the most advanced and strongest engine oil among the wide range available. This engine oil provides the best protection against wear and tear. It gives the maximum performance of the engine. This engine oil is long life and provides excellent strength to the engines that work hard on increased pressures. Castrol Edge is carbon dioxide neutral certified according to the highest international standards. The weight of the item is 4.4 kg, and its viscosity is 5W-40. The Titanium FST increases the strength of the oil film to reduce the tearing of the oil. It also decreases the friction between the metal parts of the engine.

Best synthetic motor oil for your ATV

Moly 3756 Top tec 4600 2316 4-Stroke Engine Oil 5 L

This engine oil is especially suitable for heavy-duty engines. It is equally suitable for gas-powered as well as diesel vehicles. It has been safely tested with turbochargers and catalytic chargers. This product allows the oil change for up to 40,000 km. Its weight is 4.3 kg, and the viscosity is 5W-30.

Valvoline ATV/Quad bike/UTV engine oil

It is one of the best engine oils that work in extreme engine environments. This product is SAE 10W-40 grade, so it should not be used in extremely cold temperatures. This engine oil is wet clutch safe and improves the power transfer of the vehicle. Due to the present combination of detergents and dispersants, the carbon deposits in the engine get cleaned, and the pollutants are collected. 

This engine oil is not heavy on the pocket and is suitable for a huge range of 4 stroke ATV/Quad bike engines. This oil has a high film strength.

Ravenol J1V1402

It is the best semi-synthetic engine oil for ATV/Quad bike vehicles. This engine oil is equally useful for Polaris, Honda ATV/Quad bikes, and Can-am. This oil has a protective effect on all the engine components and is compatible with the wet clutch system as well. It is SAE 10W-40 rated, making it suitable to be used in moderate weather conditions.

This semi-synthetic oil is packaged in a 1-gallon bottle and can be used for at least two oil changes. This product can also be used on four-stroke engines. Due to its wide operating temperature range, this oil is compatible with a broad spectrum of ATV/Quad bikes. The shelf life of this oil is great, but it is not as effective as fully synthetic oil.

Maxima 33901 

This engine oil is made up of high-quality ingredients. It is the best oil for four-stroke ATV/Quad bike engines. It works fine in all types of weather conditions. The wear and tear of all the engine parts are reduced due to the presence of anti-scuff additives in the oil. It also comprises additives that reduce the friction of the components of the engine and prevent corrosion of its parts as well. Moreover, it also contains additives for the protection of the clutch pads, hence making it suitable for wet clutch systems. 

This engine oil is SAE 10W-40 rated and is stable at a temperature even above -22 Fahrenheit. For the oil change, a single pack might not be enough.

Amsoil ATV/Quad bike/UTV engine oil

It is the best engine oil for cold weather. This engine oil works at a wide range of operating temperature ranges. It is SAE 5W-50 rated that indicates its equally well performance in hot and cold conditions. This engine oil doesn’t get filthy easily. It is fully synthetic oil and is designed for the four-stroke ATV/Quad bike engines to work in the extremes of temperature.

In addition, it comprises additives that decrease friction and prevent the corrosion of the parts of the engine. It also protects the wet clutches and reduces the wear and tear of the engine parts. This oil is available only in a 1-quart bottle.

Engine Oil Codes Explained

Polaris PS4

As evident from the name, it is the best engine oil for the Polaris ATV/Quad bikes. This product remains stable at temperatures above 0 Fahrenheit and below 130 Fahrenheit. It is a fully synthetic oil designed for four-stroke engines. Its highly effective cleaning detergents and additives prevent damage to the engine. As compared to the other brands of engine oils, its price is comparatively high. 

At even extreme temperatures, this product maintains its viscosity and does not get thin or thick. It also helps temperature regulation of the engine. The single disadvantage of this oil is that it is not recommended for the other brands of ATV/Quad bikes.

Quicksilver 8M0149407 

This engine oil maintains the reliability of the engine and increases its performance. It also extends the life of the engine by protecting it from corrosion and also from wear and tear due to friction. In cold weather conditions, it gives a quick start to the engine. This brand of engine oil is suitable for a range of ATV/Quad bike vehicles.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance (120766) 

This engine oil is an advanced, fully synthetic formula. It increases the life of the engine by preventing deposits and sludge buildup. Due to the presence of effective derivatives, it provides excellent lubrication of the engine and decreases the wear of the engine parts. Due to its remarkable oxidation and thermal stability, it gives outstanding protection to the engine. This oil increases the life span of the engine. It is compatible with the engine seals and gives a quick start in cold weather conditions. It is suitable to be used in cold weather conditions. The oil maintains its stability even at low temperatures.

Lucas Oil’s Engine Oil 

Lucas Oil is clear engine oil that is used by riders so that they can enjoy riding ATV/Quad bike vehicles smoothly. This oil seems like an energy drink to the vehicle and is equally effective for the different brands of ATV/Quad bikes. This oil can withstand high temperatures and facilitates easy-care shifts. Due to some special additives, it prevents the corrosion and wear of the different engine parts. Its package weighs 2.03 pounds. 

Kawasaki OEM performance oil

If you are seeking maximum engine lubrication for your ATV/Quad bike, then Kawasaki is the best choice of engine oil. This oil is a superior blend of base oils and additives that suitable coat your ATV/Quad bike’s engine parts, thus increasing the overall engine performance. The formulation of this oil is semi-synthetic and provides optimum coverage to the four-stroke ATV/Quad bikes. The oil comes in an appealing green and black packaging of 1 liter. This oil is effective across a wide range of temperatures and facilitates a quick start in cold weather conditions.

How to change ATV motor oil

How often to change the engine oil

There is no such rule about changing the oil of your ATV/Quad bike. If your ATV/Quad bike has traveled more miles, then the oil needs to be changed more frequently and vice versa. Ideally, the engine oil should be checked before every ride and should be changed every 300 miles.

The oil should also be checked when the noise of your ATV/Quad bike engine becomes louder than usual and also when the vehicle starts shaking.

The shelf life of the oil is up to 5 years, which means once opened, the oil is effective up to 5 years.

The normal recommended amount for the engine oil is 2.5 to 5 quarts, but you can also check the user manual of your vehicle that how much oil is needed for its proper functioning. 

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