What kind of oil does an ATV/Quad bike take?

ATV and UTV engine oils need to flow in freezing cold temperatures, so we recommend opting for a highly viscous oil rating of 10W40. However, it’s best to be aware that many Quad bikes/ ATVs require less viscous oils such as the 5W50 to work properly. The only way to know for sure is by checking your manual!

There are different types of ATV oils

  • Mineral
  • Synthetic oil
  • Semi synthetic oil

Things to consider when buying ATV/Quad Bike oil

  • How high is your chosen oil’s viscosity?
  • Is your oil a reputatble brand?

Also, some four-wheelers only use premium fuel. So filling them up with regular fuel can damage their engines. Check the manual to confirm your quad’s model, then use that piece of info to determine what grade of fuel is best to use.

Another factor that determines what oil and fuel to put in your ATV is whether it’s a 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Generally, a 2-stroke ATV is more complex than a 4-stroke one because it requires you to mix the gasoline and oil together since the engine lacks an oil reservoir.

As such, it’s advisable to use only premium fuel for two strokes because they operate at a greater compression rate. This means not buying anything lower than 91 octane fuel.

Other reasons why you should only the right fuel for you quad bik/ATV include:

  • Engine Knocks
  • Poor engine performance
  • Reduced fuel economy

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