Quad Bike Gear for Kids: A parent’s guide for their kid’s safety

Kid on Quad Bike

Here I will be looking at quad bike gear for kids. Even though quad biking is such a fun activity for kids, it can also be dangerous to a certain degree. Mainly because of the speed. Now 50cc is normally recommended for young children form the age of 6+. But regardless of their age of experience, it would be a responsible thing to make sure that all kids wear the appropriate quad biking gear. If kids do not wear the right gear for quad bikes, then they are at risk of severe injury if in an accident, so it is imperative to make sure that your kids in on the right gear when it comes the riding quad bikes.

The appropriate gear recommended for all riders, especially children are:

GlovesFrom £12
GogglesFrom £10
Mesh jacketFrom £48
Race shirtFrom £18
Race trousersFrom £50
Overall racing suitFrom £35
HelmetFrom £29
Knee padsFrom £12
Elbow padsFrom £12
BootsFrom £60
Quad Bike Gear for Kids Price Chart

Now even though there is not legal requirement in England, Scotland and Wale to wear quad biking gear when riding a quad bike, it is a legal requirement in Ireland and you can be fined for up to £500 for not wearing one. Plus, it is still smart and safe to wear the appropriate gear at all times anyway.

I have given some recommendations on some of the main gear that kids should be wearing when riding a quad bike.

Helmet for Kids – Quad Bike Gear

My recommendation for a helmet would be Leopard racing helmet with goggle. You find these here on Amazon.  

Average price: £40

The most fatal injury that one person could have is a head injury. A child’s head is still very fragile compared to an adult at a young age. Making ensuring the child has a helmet is number one priority and should be taken very seriously.

This is the main reason that the most important piece of gear you can wear is a helmet. When it comes to choosing a helmet, the key things to consider should be safety and then comfort. You should make sure that you select a visor that will allow you to see clearly without any obstruction.

If you need to choose a tinted visor for bright days, then so be it. Some people choose not to use a full-face helmet, if so, then I would advise wearing goggles to protect against debris in your face

When comes to helmets, there are three types:

  • Full-face helmets, which offer the best protection because they have a built-in face shield which protects the mouth and chin.
  • Open-face helmets, which offer the least protection. They do not include anything to cover your chin and mouth.
  • Motocross helmets, which are designed for the most aggressive riders and offer the most protection.

For obvious reasons, it is so important that you get the right fit for your quad bike helmet, as it can affect your safety as well as your comfort. A good fitting helmet may seem tight at first, but that is completely normal as it will be stable as you move your head and it will remain comfortable after wearing it for long periods of time.

Though wearing a helmet it is not a legal requirement for quad bike riders in England, Scotland and Wales, it is law in Northern Ireland and you can be fined up to £500 for not wearing one.

Clothing for Kids – Quad Bike Gear

My recommendation would be Wulfsport Cub racing suit, which you can find here on Amazon.

Average price: £35

With kids, it is a good habit to instil in them that they should dress appropriately, not only will it protect their own clothes, but it will make them more comfortable and safe. So if your child objects? Then do not let them ride I say.

Again, although it is not a legal requirement, you should learn to be practical and dress appropriately. For example, long sleeves and trousers are a simple way to minimise small cuts and grazes. But it is worth considering lightweight body armour, which can be worn under a sweatshirt or long-sleeved t-shirt. This will give you extra protection in the event of an accident.

Gloves for Kids – Quad Bike Gear

For gloves, my recommendation would be Wulfsport racing gloves. You find these here on Amazon.  

Average price: £13

Now when it comes to gloves for quad bike users, there is such a big variety of specialist gloves. In a way, that makes it very easy to find a pair. Now I suggest that you find a pair of gloves that are padded, so that they are comfortable and also provide good grip.

When it comes to winter, handlebar mitts are preferred. They are comfortable as well as safe. Mitts also wrap around your hands and the handlebars. This allows your hands to stay warm and prevent numbness from the cold which can affect your grip.

Some riders prefer fingerless gloves, especially in the summer as it keeps them cool during summer months, but I reckon full gloves are more comfortable and provide better grip and protection.

Footwear for Kids – Quad Bike Gear

For footwear my recommendation would be Wulfsport racing boots. You find these here on Amazon.  

Average price: £80

I strongly suggest that your boots should be ankle-high at the least, to ensure that they do not slip off while riding your quad bike.

You can opt to buy general motorcycle boots, as they would be suitable and offer adequate protection. Again, there are plenty of styles available, whether you are an on road drive or an off-road. Some of the styles for off-road drivers come with additional padding and a higher level of protection.

But if you can’t afford biking boots, just make sure your footwear is sturdy and covers your whole foot. DO NOT wear pumps, open-toed shoes, sandals, backless shoes or any other footwear that leaves your feet exposed or that can easily come off.

Body Armour jacket for Kids – Quad Bike Gear

Regarding body armour, my recommendation would be MX Enduro. You can find these here on Amazon as well.

Average price: £35

Having the right body armor for kids can protect them from potentially breaking ribs and spine, kids body amour greatly reduces the risk of serious damage. I recommend the best amour to get kids for quad bike riding are the ones that protect most of the upper body.

Best practice for kids safe driving on a Quad Bike

Even though quad bikes are like cars, the interior, makeup and mechanics are different. Most quad bikes and ATVs have a solid rear axle, which allows the rider must adjust their position to help turn the vehicle.

It is common to shift your weight to the outside footrest when turning a corner at a low speed. This is treated like a rule of thumb. And to lean your body into the turn.

When driving at higher speeds, the momentum will pull the weight of the quad bike to the outside of the turn, so and focus on leaning in and keeping your weight inside the turn as well.

When driving a quad bike up an incline, make sure you are in a low gear and lean in with your weight forward.

A low gear should also be used for going downhill, but your weight should be towards the back.

There are so many other tips for best practice, here are a few:

  • Do not carry passengers or equipment unless your vehicle has been designed for them.
  • If you have to park on a slope, make sure that your quad bike is parked facing sideways instead of facing up or down the slope.
  • If you are driving on your own, keep a mobile phone or GPS tracker with you at all times. This is so that you can contact someone or be located if you get into trouble.
  • NEVER let a child ride an adult-sized quad bike, as they won’t have the power and weight required to handle the bike.

One other important thing to note is that accidents from riding a quad bike often happen on corners and slopes. Causing the rider and bike to roll in the same direction, risking serious injury or death.

Do not take risks on a quad bike and make sure that you get sufficient training before heading out onto dirt tracks or roads.


Your child’s safety is top priority when it comes to riding a quad bike. There are so many products on the market for kids protective gear, but these ones that I have recommended not only are reputable, but have plenty of good reviews as well.

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