The Ultimate Quad Bike Stag Do: Quad Bike Experience Day

Quad Bike

Need an idea for the ultimate stag do? Make it adrenaline rushed with a great quad bike experience for your stag do or hen do.

In the UK there are so many options where you can go and have a great driving experience with some good old fashion men’s racing for a good stag do day.

Quad biking has become one the UK’s top stag do activities. This fun activity will have your stag group charging around rugged landscapes in some of the most beautiful areas of the UK, with plenty of options across England, Scotland and Wales.

I located some of the best places that you and your stag do crew can visit. In UK and Europe…

LocationCompanyPrice per person
AmsterdamQuad Biking  £55 pp
BarcelonaQuad Bike Trekking£58 pp
BerlinQuad Tour£95 pp
BirminghamPaintball & Quads£60 pp
Quad Bike Trekking£59 pp
Quad Biking, Axe & Knife Throwing£73 pp
Quad Bike Trek & Target Combo£85 pp
Quad Bike Extended Trek£79 pp
BournmeouthQuad Bike Mega Trekking£68 pp
Quad Biking or Rage Buggies & .22 Assault Rifle Shooting£69 pp 
Bournemouth Combo£69 pp
Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Blindfold Driving & Human Table Football/Archery£89 pp  
Action to the Max£99 pp
Quad Bike Mega Trekking & Rage Buggies£105 pp
The Ultimate Activity Package£155 pp
Blinding Day£259 pp
Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting£69 pp
BratislavaQuad Biking  £60 pp
BrightonQuad Bike Trekking  £59 pp
Dirt Buggies & Quad Biking£96 pp
Quad Bike Trekking & Clay Pigeon Shooting  £95 pp
Quad Biking Combo  £85 pp
BristolDesigna Jam Packed£108 pp
Bristol Trio£88 pp
Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting & Paintball£77 pp
Designa Combo£69 pp
Quad Bikes & Axe Throwing Challenge£39 pp
Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting£69 pp
Quad Bike Trekking£46 pp
Quad Biking  £53 pp
BudapestQuad Biking  £69 pp
CardiffQuad Bike Trekking & Archery Or Laser Clays£69 pp
Quad Bike Trekking & Clay Pigeon Shooting£99 pp
Jam Packed£108 pp
Quad Bike Trekking£53 pp
Designa Combo£70 pp
M5 Trio  £88 pp
CheltenhamQuad Biking  £53 pp
Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting£70 pp
Designa Combo  £70 pp
Quad Bike Trekking  £55 pp
ChesterQuad Bike Super Trek  £49 pp
EdinburghEdinburgh Combo£145 pp
Quad Biking Extreme Trekking  £72 pp
GloucesterDesigna Duo£70 pp
Gloucester Trio  £88 pp
HamburgQuad Biking  £41 pp
HerefordQuad Bike Trekking  £60 pp
KrakowQuad Biking£60 pp
LeedsQuad Bike Trekking & Rifle Shooting£75 pp
Leeds Trio£85 pp
Leeds Combo£73 pp
Quad Bike Trekking  £60 pp
LondonHovercrafts & Quad Biking  £69 pp
Milton KeynesQuad Bike Super Trek  £45 pp
MunichQuad Tour  £80 pp
NewcastleQuad Bike Trekking  £46 pp
NewquayQuad Biking  £53 pp
North WalesRage Buggies, BBQ Lunch & Quad Bike Super Trek£97 pp
Quad Bike Super Trek  £49 pp
NottinghamQuad & Target Combo£60 pp
Quad Biking Plus Plus£73 pp
Notts Combo£74 pp
Karts & Bikes£75 pp
Quad Bike Trekking£42 pp
OxfordOxford Combo 2£70 pp
Quad Biking  £53 pp
PragueQuad Biking  £88 pp
ReadingReading Combo 2£70 pp
Quads, Clays & More£85 pp
Quad Biking£53 pp
Reading Combo 3£88 pp
Reading Combo 4  £108 pp
RigaQuad Biking  £61 pp
SheffieldQuad Biking & Target Combo£68 pp
SouthamptonSouthampton Combo 3£62 pp
Southampton Combo 2  £45 pp
SwanseaQuad Bike Trekking & Laser Clays£69 pp
Quad Bike Trekking & Clay Pigeon Shooting£95 pp
Quad Bike Trekking & Paintball£70 pp
Quad Bike Trekking & Archery£61 pp
Quad Bike Trekking  £50 pp
SwindonSwindon Combo 3£88 pp
Swindon Combo 2  £70 pp
TallinnQuad Bike Safari  £79 pp
TenerifeQuad Bike Trekking  £70 pp
TorquayQuad Bike Trekking & Skid Steer Karts£115 pp
Quad Bike Trekking  £66 pp

Here are some more UK alternatives for a stag do…

Essential AdventureManufacturers may include Yamaha & Honda, with engine sizes typically ranging from 150cc to a beastly 350cc.
Quad NationOver 67 locations in UK and Ireland with 20 years of experience in providing great quad bike experience

Choosing the right quad bike for you

It is very important that a beginner chooses a quad bike that will be manageable for their size and feels comfortable importantly true for young riders, who may require a smaller bike.

One of the first things to consider is what type of activity your bike will be used for:

  • 350kg – lighter quads for younger riders
  • 400kg – a typical quad bike for general use
  • 550kg – goods carriers

Most quad bikes are designed to carry only the driver.

The extra space is there so that you can reposition yourself in order to control the bike, because your quad bike could become unstable with an additional rider or a load it is not designed to carry.

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