Top 3 ATV / Quad Bike tyres

1) Terminator tyres

Terminator tyres have been popular over the years their unique tread pattern full of hard angles and aggression. They go through mud like anythingAn aggressive mud tyre that rides smooth. It’s not that complicated either. There is a big fat lug down the centre which makes it possible.

The tread on this has nice folds and gaps that make it even stickier on the trail. And as with any good mud tyre, it self cleans. That means that we’ve angled the treads just so, so that mud and debris will naturally fly out of the tread as the tyre turns instead of sticking to it like cement.

2) Intimidator tyres

Intimidator tyres are sort of like a mud tyre’s take on an all-terrain tyre. They are aggressive and they’re tough. They can get you through mud holes, but they will also be your go-to tyre for most other terrains too. They’re designed to ride smooth and have a big lug along the centerline.

What makes these different from Terminators is just how well they handle across all sorts of terrain. Where the Terminator is good, Intimidators are great. Whether it’s rocks, hills, gravel, dirt, snow, or sand, Intimidator tyres can handle it. Thanks to its advanced tread pattern.

3) Assassinator tyres

These are focused on being the best mud tires in the industry. They are ultra aggressive featuring a massive 3″ tread depth and super-wide lug spacing. Assassinators will find something to pull on in the thickest peanut butter mud and the thinnest mud soup.

They’re designed to give you a smoother ride, better grip, and better control of your ATV or Quad Bike. The tread pattern is self cleaning and the lugs give centerline support so you get a vibration-free ride.

Conclusion. So which one?

What tire you want depends on what you want to do.

  • Any mud environment? Assassinator.
  • Mostly mud but you need to get through some other trails too? Terminator.
  • All rounder including mud? Intimidator.

SuperATV has a good stock of ATV for muddy terrains.

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