What is a good size quad bike for a 14 year old? – The Parent’s Guide

Kid on Quad Bike

Buying the right size quad bike for your 14 year old is very important. Understanding the right size quad bike for a 14 year old meant that the right size weight and appropriate speed can make all the difference if an unfortunate accident was to occur.

A good size quad bike for a 14 year old would be a quad bike that is between 70cc and 100cc. This depends on the experience of the 14 year old. A beginner should start on a 50cc – 70cc quad bike first, until they master it.

Average HeightRecommended Engine Size
Shorter than 5ft 625cc – 70cc
5ft 6 – 5ft 970cc – 100cc
5ft 10100cc – 200cc
5ft 10 – 6ft 1200cc – 400cc
6ft 1 – 6ft 3500cc +

Here is a summarized chart to give more additional guidance to give you an idea for an overgrown 14 year old who wants to ride a quad bike. .

It is strongly advised that if a child has not had experience on riding a quad bike, then they should do some training first before riding a quad bike with a bigger engine.

This is to reduce the risk of bad injuries, in case of an accident.

What size engine is good for other age groups?

Here is a chart with the recommended quad bike engine sizes for the appropriate age of the child.

AgeQuad bike Engine size
Under 11 years oldLess than 50cc
12 – 15 years old50 cc – 100cc
16 + or Bigger or experience teens100cc – 250cc
Young adults – mature adults250cc and above

For other categories

PurposeQuad bike engine size
Farmers & ranchers & light trail riding400cc – 500cc
Aggressive trail riding, hauling, taller people550cc – 700cc
Mud play riding, hill climbers, stream crossing700cc – 1000cc

What if my 14 year old is bigger than average?

Rightly so, you can not always decide on the appropriate quad bike size according to the age of the child. As some children may be bigger, or even smaller than average for their age.

Therefore, as additional advice, the best way to then decide what quad bike is a good size, is for the 14 year old to actually size on a range of different quad sizes first before riding one.

Comfort is so important when driving quad bikes.  

Quad bike weight limit for teens

Make And ModelWeight Limit
Yamaha YFZ5090 lbs
Can-Am DS90X120 lbs
Polaris Sportsman 110180 lbs
Polaris Outlaw 110180 lbs
Honda TRX90X187 lbs

These models clearly state that they are not suitable for children young than the age of 6.

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