What is the best all around Quad Bike or ATV Tyre?

When driving your fab quad bike, not matter the size or weight, you need to have a durable set of tyres. Good tyres can make all of the difference in the experience you have when riding your quad bike.

Favourite PicksBrandRating
Best OverallSunF Power All-Terrain Tyres4.9
Runner UpWANDA ATV/UTV Tyres4.8
Best Budget BuySunF A027 Knobby Sport Tyres4.7
Best Mud TyresITP Mud Lite ATV Tyre4.7
Best All Round Quad Bike Tyres

There are specific tyres made for specific terrains for added safety, and are highly recommended to look for specific tyres for your purpose.

Finding the perfect set of tyres for your quad bike can be difficult at times. So I done an online review of a few tyres. Searching for the best quality, and most reliable based on their prices, quality.

Best Overall Tyre: SunF Power All-Terrain Tyre

My favourite definitely is the SunF Power All-Terrain tyre. Clearly a few people share this review online, as I found that a lot of people said the same. But it is easy to understand why.

You can find this tyre on Amazon here.

This tyre is protected against abrasions and punctures, making them perfect for off-road environments.  They perform exceptionally well on trails made with mud, dirt, and rock.

The reason why this tyre is rated so much is because of the angled knobby tread, which is made with premium rubber, suitable for high-speed action. The pattern provides excellent traction control, reducing the risk of skids. Along with aggressive shoulder knobs to protect the rim and sidewall from rock and other debris while offering excellent side bite and traction.

Best overall Quda Bike or ATV

SunF Power All-Terrain Tyres Key Features:

  • 6-ply rated construction is resistant against punctures
  • Directional angled knobby tread that works on desert, mud, rock, and dirt
  • Enhanced skid and traction control
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs

Second best overall tyre for quad bikes: WANDA ATV/UTV Tyres

These tyres are made to be long lasting, due to their deeper treads than most quad bike or ATV tyres.

The tread on these treads are angular, which allows them to manoeuvre through mud more easily. There are also large gaps between the treads which allow them to perform well on treads.

These tyres will not let you down as they provide very good traction on all terrains, including wood and desert. They are also made with 6 ply rated nylon to protect the tyres from damage by rocks and sharp objects.

You can find these tyres on Amazon here.

Here are some key features:

  • 6-ply rated nylon construction
  • Excellent traction in the woods and desert
  • Protecting rims and sidewall
  • Easy to install

Now if you are on a budget then, these tyre coming up next are ideal for you.

Best Budget Pick: SunF A027 Knobby Sport Tyre

These SunF sport tyres are made with high-quality standards. That is the reputation of this brand. They are heavy duty 6-ply rated construction, meaning that they are resistant to punctures and abrasions.

They are also made with premium rubber, maintaining its traction on all kind of terrains, which is achieved by the knobby tread.

This tyre is suitable for high performance on trails of all types. The lug pattern provides very good traction control, and the rims stay protected.

You can find these on Amazon here.

And finally, the best mud tyres I could find are the ITP Mud Lite tyres.

Best Mud Tyres for quad bikes: ITP Mud Lite ATV Tyre

This tyre is actually known to be a good all rounder. Suitable for all purposes but does exceptionally well in muddy terrains.

These tyres are built with a 3/4 inch lug, which allows them to perform very well. It has premium rubber and extended-wear, which will last a long time before needing to be replaced.

It also has a 6-ply construction, which is highly durable and resists damage from debris.

ITP Mud Lite ATV Tire Key Features:

  • 6-ply mud tire
  • Center tread keeps your ride smooth
  • Extended-wear rubber for long life
  • 3/4 inch lug

Who Should Buy ATV/UTV Tyres

It is almost certain that at some point you will need to replace your tyres. If you are a person who tends to drive on certain types of terrains, you will need to purchase tyres that are made specifically for those terrains.

Driving on mud definitely requires different tyre design for the best traction and support.

Important Features to Consider when finding the best Quad Bike tyre.

Quad bike and ATV tyres have a few important features. You must consider the following when selecting quad bike or ATV tyres:


Very important. Before you purchase any replacement tyres , it’s important to check what size tyres your vehicle uses. If you are not sure of how to check what size your tyre is then check our article on choosing bigger tyres for my quad bike here.

If you purchase the wrong size, the tyres may not fit properly, and if they do, they could cause an accident.


The type of terrain you tend to drive on will determine what kind of tyres you will need for your quad bike. For muddy terrains, you will need to use mud tyres to give yourself better traction, and the same goes for rocky terrain.

Sometime the tyres may be thicker and more protected against stones. If you are not sure on what type of tyres to buy, then purchase an all-terrain tyre, as they can get through most terrain suitably.


Heavier tyres will cause your quad bike to increase in overall weight.

For more information about the weight of quad bikes, then check out my article on ‘How much does a quad bike weigh’ here. And the heavier the tyres, the more work your engine has to put in to move the quad bike smoothly.

If you have a smaller engine, you need to make sure not to buy tyres that are too heavy, as your quad bike will have trouble pulling along.


What is a radial quad bike/ATV tyre?

Radial quad bike or ATV tyres are made to be more durable than other tyre types. They are made to minimize tread deterioration caused by regular use of the quad bike or ATV.

This will increase the lifespan of the tyre. They are generally easier to handle, thanks to the flexible sidewalls.

Radial tyres also have belts of steel fibers around the tyres to give it more stability.

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