What is the best engine size ATV or Quad Bike for plowing?

There are many activities that a quad bike or an ATV can be used for. E.g. ploughing, farming, winching. Some other countries hunting is a popular activity. Hunting is actually banned in the UK, but in other countries it is still legal.

The truth is that horsepower and engine size has little to do with it. The weight of the Quad Bike or ATV is more important than the engine size. A 400cc Quad Bike or ATV will plow the same as an 800cc Quad bike or ATV, because the weight is not as significant as you would think.

Top ATV/Quad Bikes for plowingTop speed (mph)Avg. Price
Brute Force 750 EPS74£7’900 / $9’999
Can-Am Outlander XT 850 DPS74£7’900 / $9’999
Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS 68£7’000 / $9’000
Can-Am Outlander DPS 57066£7’200 / $9’100
Polaris Sportsman Big Boss 6×6 570 EPS63£8’700 / $11’000
Honda Rubicon DCT63£7’000 / £9’000

There are certain factors to consider when searching for a quad bike or ATV for plowing:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Sounds (i.e. Not too Loud)
  • Comfort
  • Power
  • Towing Capability
  • Winch
  • Accessories
  • Style
  • Price

Best size Quad Bike/ATV for plowing snow

After researching, I have come to the conclusion that the perfect size for plowing snow and an all-around ATV/Quad Bike would be anything that has a V-Twin engine.

New quad bikes ans ATVs would mean you would be looking at a 500cc quad bike. A 650cc would be sufficient, but there no need to go beyond that.

I would stick to a 60-inch plow at the most. This would be overkill for most as a 48-inch plow will work just as well.

Plowing things like snow is not a big issue in the UK as it is round other parts of the globe. But when it comes to down to over 12 inches of snow, some quad bikes and ATVs may start to struggle. It would be more worthy to get a side by side with a 500cc engine in it because it would weigh more and push more snow.

Closer look: Brute Force 750 EPS

Can-Am Outlander XT 850 DPS

Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

Can-Am Outlander DPS 570

Polaris Sportsman Big Boss 6×6 570 EPS

Honda Rubicon DCT

Common ATV/Quad Bike accessories for activities

Common ATV/Quad Bike Accessories
Weed Wipers
Front Mount/Plow Kits
Leveling Equipment
Rear Alloy Trays
Tank Bags

ATV or Quad bikes for winching

Arguably one of the most useful accessories to have on your quad is an ATV winch. This powerful tool can help you pull, haul and drag heavy equipment, and it’s the ultimate recovery solution in case one of your ATV buddies gets stuck in deep mud while you’re riding.

Alternative options to ATVs and Quad Bikes for plowing

A normal snow blower can be a far better and cheaper option.

It would have be great to have a Quad Bike/ATV and a snow blower. The ATV can be used for normal tasks like farming, and many other things. While the snow blower can clear higher amount of snow that the ATV can’t.

Important Features of a Quad Bike or ATV for plowing

When it comes to choosing a quad bike or an ATV, get one with fuel injection on it and not a carburetor one.

A fuel injected quad bike/ATV will turn on without having to choke it; you just put the key on and press start. See my post of what to do if your quad bike with a carburetor doesn’t start, here.

Fuel injection is better for colder weather riding. You will not need to play around with the choke and wait for the engine to warm up.

When choosing a quad bike or ATV to plow something like snow, the fact that it is a 4 wheel drive is a plus. Do not get a 2-wheel drive.

You want to plow in 4-wheel drive mode to give you the most traction. 4×4 is more useful for plowing snow and many other things.

One tip

Let out some air out of my tires, around to 5 psi, to give the tires more traction. Also carry a portable 12-volt tire inflator too.

Consider heated grips and even heated jackets that plug into your ATV’s battery.

Another tip: Get a 12-volt solar panel charger for your quad bike/ATV.

It’s easy to forget about your ATV until you need it and there are many times where you go out to the ATV, and it won’t start.

If you ride your quad bike or ATV often and don’t keep the battery charged the battery will die. You don’t want to be stuck with your ATV with a dead battery when you have a lot to plow.

Quad bikes and ATVS that you don’t need

You do not need a Quad Bike or ATV with a 1000cc engine.

This can overkill and won’ do you any favours for plowing.

Don’t overdo it. You can only plow so much. Be smart about this.

Use the snow blower when the ATV just can’t handle it.

Can a 125cc ATV/Quad Bike plow snow?

Yes, it is possible to remove snow with a 125cc quad/ATV. You will find it is easy to drive through the snow with its automatic transmission and working headlights.

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