What is the smallest quad bike or ATV that exists?

quad bike - kid on a quad bike

Wondering what the smallest quad bike or ATV is? Finding a small quad or ATV is something you would want to start a beginner or a child.

The smallest quad bike is 49cc engine. A 49cc engine can push the quad bike up to 20 mph speed.

A good ATV or quad bike option for the smallest quad bike or ATV is a 49cc quad bike. The New-Ray 42833A Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV In Blue. Or the Renegade Race-X 49cc Petrol quad bike – Blue.

The best way for buying a quad bike or ATV is to consider age and experience.

Ideal engine size chart for Quad bikes/ATV:

Engine: Up to 70cc (children aged 11 and under)
Engine: 70cc to 90cc (children 12 to 15 years of age)
Engine: 125cc to 250cc (Beginner older teens and adults)
Engine: 250cc and up (Intermediate to advanced riders)

We all know that quad biking is one of the hot choices for outdoor where it is becoming the most thrilling activity for people.

It is one of the popular activities for an adventure in a desert or off-trail trekking paths too.

Well, your love for the outdoors can be dangerous yet full of fun.

Still, being careful with the size of the bike is that you might hit the right road and have a thrilling adventure but the size remains the crucial factor.

The increasing use of the bike for the agriculture industry is forcing companies to build and design better bikes and every other company is trying to stand out with their features and specifications.

Farmers don’t exactly worry about the size instead the load a bike can carry.

A farmer’s top choice for the quad bike 4*4 wheeler is Honda Fourtrax, but it isn’t the 2015 Honda Foreman Rubicon 4×4.

Right now, many companies are trying the set the bar equal to the Honda. The company is famous for its major features pack including comfort, electronic fuel injection, and independent rear suspension.

The bike might be smaller in size however it has great power.

49cc is considered as the smallest four-wheeler.

The seat is comfortable with the smooth, tapered styling allows for a better fit between your legs.

However the power steering makes it more dependable for a sport of the day especially.

Even if you have to pay extra for this feature, you may love to spend some more pennies on it.

Kid on a small quad bike
quad bike – kid on a quad bike

Notable Features:

Handles & Racks

Honda has got you covered as they are offering the appeal of both conventional sport and the trendy machine that comes handy to the experienced.

Its red plastic with a rugged redesigned rack system and hauling gear is helping this machine to be indifferent from others.

The front racks are strong to mage the loads by handling the weight around 99 pounds. And rear can handle approximately 187 pounds of the load.


It is a 475cc four-stroke with optimal performance because of the fuel injection. So, if you are working with the machine in hot summers, it will be easy to move.

The claim by the company is that it will sip the fuel slowly while you are tackling the mountain trails.

So, the fuel injecting feature is the best one and probably the most needed by the farmers.

However, the shifting of transmission of the Rubicon is also easy and smooth. The main ways from which you can choose yours are:

  • A manual DCT/auto clutch
  • ESP/Electronic Shift Program
  • Fully automatic

The machine is a great choice for fulling work requirements or even the adventure on the trails.

Other features:

ModelTRX500FM5 | TRX500FM6 (with EPS) | TRX500FM6 (with EPS) Deluxe
Engine Type  475cc, liquid-cooled OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke92.0mm * 71.5mm  
Compression Ratio9.5:1
InductionProgrammed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI).  36mm throttle body  
Ignition  Full-transistorized with electronic advance
Starter  Electric with optional auxiliary recoil
Clutch  Automatic
Transmission  Five-speed with Reverse
Front suspension  Independent double-wishbone; 7.3 inches travel
Rear suspension  Independent dual-arm; 8.5 inches travel
BrakesFront: (Dual hydraulic 190mm discs) Rear: (Single hydraulic 170mm disc)  
Turning radius  11.5 Feet
Length | Width | Height  83.7 inches | 47.4 inches | 49.1 inches
Ground Clearance  9.8 inches
Wheelbase50.9 inches
Turning Radius11.5 feet
Capacity of fuel3.9 gallons. For reserve: 1.3-gallon
Seat Height  36.1 inches

For the choice of colors, you have Red, Olive, and White Rubicon available in the market.

So, making the choice for the quad bike is easy for you to have to dig down to the features and most importantly considered all the factors to satisfy your passion for the adventure or need of the work.

Well, the story doesn’t end on the features and discussion of the power of the engine. It has its pros and cons too.


  • The seat of the Quad bike is comfortable and especially the best for Long Mountain trails.
  • The feature of fuel injection is already making it stand out in the bikes.
  • Also, it has a classy look that makes it more thrilling for the sport and adventure of the day.


  • More low-speed power steering assists in 4WD could be more beneficial.

Now the other best and top choice for the Quad bike 4*4 wheeler can be: Quadzilla XLC500

Quadzilla XLC500 Quad bike/ATV

It is another bike that stands out because of the better representation of both the sport and agriculture work. The company has a good name in Quad bikes and if you are looking for the one that will serve the right purpose, this can be a great choice for it. The Engine Oil Grade is 10W – 40W completely.

For the basic features:

  • Fuel capacity is 12 liters
  • Height: 1185mm
  • Length: 1795mm
  • Seat Height: 880mm
  • Wheelbase: 1250mm
  • Width: 1140mm

Overall, this bike can be the best friend of sports lovers and the farmers too. If you are looking for the one that will help you take the long mountain terrains smoothly.

You must go for the best choices you have in the list with powerful engines and the ones that are also easy to manage.

What is for you if you are a beginner?

When we talk about fun, we often tend to ignore many essential points. And the major part of it is about controlling the bike. If you are a beginner, this is the first step for you before you step out for the adventure in the mountains.

And your posture will set the control just fine for you. So, you will need to learn to manage the body position and weight distribution. So, the young riders and beginners need a smaller bike.

Once you understand the purpose of purchasing the bike, the next step is to go for the right size:

  • 350kg – lighter quads for younger riders
  • 400kg – a typical quad bike for general use
  • 550kg – goods carriers

And if you also have to manage the load on the bike, then you need to be extra careful with the seat adjustments.

So, choose the one to serve the right purpose and if the bike is not designed to carry the load, it can become a huge loss for you.

What do you need to look while buying a Quad/ATV or riding one?

We know about plenty of advice to ensure that you are choosing the right one and as per the expertise of the rider. Well, you have the chart and it can vary, considering the advice by the different experts or riders. However, some of the factors are still crucial and for many good reasons.

Does size matter?

If you are nodding your head in NO, you are wrong. Because size is one of the crucial factors for purchasing the quad bike. You can be an adult with the strength and power, yet rising on the 600cc can give you sweats in a cold winter season.

So, yes the size matters and it matters because of the experience you have. Take your time to learn all the ropes for the bike and then look for the monster ride for yourself. And if you have kids, you need to be more careful with the size.

The best shot for the kids is mini squad because, in the end, it is all about comfort and safety.

You can always resell if your kids outgrow from the bike. So, it can be just for the time and then you can resell it and buy a bigger one.

Wear the protective gear for aquad bike/ATV

We know you want to have thrilling adventure and fun, but protective gear will keep you safe. The helmet is the main necessity then you have riding boots, gloves, and a chest guard.

So, while you are eagerly investing in the brand new bike and inspecting every feature of it just to ensure that you can have the most fun, invest a little more for your protection too.

Why four-wheel ATV?

Four-wheelers are easy for the hilly trails. However, they are little heavier to handle, but if you have to drive away to the tall mountains, you need a four-wheeler as the two-wheeler is for the simple roads and easy trails. Yes, you can find the smallest one as per your suitability and choice.

Also, the 2*4 wheel is much dangerous for the steep hills whereas a 4*4 is smooth and easy to go.

Power steering

For some of the quad bikes may seem extra investment, but it important. It is beneficial for managing the heavier bikes and can help you absorb the shocks on the road.

So, you can be thrilled and get the work done too. The EPS is now the most important feature in any bike and every manufacture prefers to design their models by including it on the bike.

Which one to select from Auto and Manual?

The best option is to reach out to the rider or an expert to guide you on this. Yes, people are still using manual bikes, but the Automatic is no less thrill than a manual.

In fact, they are easier to carry and manage. However, your consultant or any of the rider with the lifetime experience can help you better with it.  

What else you need to remember?

You need a full car license before you go out on the road, so extra training along with the understanding of the traffic and learning to control the bike are a must.

Keep in mind that they are not motorbikes or scooters, and always look for the engine size and other benefits in detail before choosing the one.

If you are selecting it for the kids, the better option is to find it in the mini quad bikes catalog.

And finally, the most important thing to worry about is road legal…

The quad bikes may only be licensed for the ride on the UK roads. And the twist in the story is that you may not get all the bikes for road legal.

So, you will need to check the model for road-legal use too as it may affect your fun or work you are expecting from it. Other important factors for road-legal are:

  • Full driving license
  • Number plate
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • MOT

In the end, you need to dig as deep as you can. It is important for your own safety, work benefits, and adventure of life.


Even if you are riding the smallest quad bike or four-wheeler with a large engine, you need training.

The control over the machine is important before you go for the steep mountains.

Therefore, whether you choose Yamaha or Honda for your next adventure, the foremost priority should be the details about the features and your own training to manage this smaller, but the heavy quad bike.

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