Why are Honda ATVs the best?

When you will ask an experienced rider, they will name the top brand Honda for the best ATVs.. People driving ATV from their childhood are well aware of the importance of it and how every little detail or feature can benefit the rider, and Honda is the brand that always comes to mind.

Honda ATVs or quadbikes are the best because they perform top when it comes to power & engineering, maintenance, comfort and even amenities. The top 4 Honda ATVs are Rancher AT Power Steering TRX 420 FPA, Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE, Rancher 4×4 TRX 420 FM, Recon ES TRX 250 TE.

If you are out for fun¸ you will understand that power matters. So, yes when we talk about road adventures, Honda ATV is one of our counting lists. Honda is all about serving just right. Every model of ATV from Honda has given the best performance.

Choosing the ATV is itself an adventure that begins with the brand section. Yes, you have options like Suzuki, Yamaha, tracker, Polaris and the list goes on. However, while you are selecting the one, we can help you with the question that why Honda is a better choice for any sportsman.

Comparison between Honda and Suzuki ATV

Honda and Suzuki have remained as a few of the top brands when it comes to ATV. So, we decided to provide you a short comparison between both. This can make it easy for you to choose the best one.

The main difference between the Honda and Suzuki is the price. Honda ATVs are a little expensive, but every penny is worth the features it offers.

Both have been in the market for so long. If we say that three-wheeler went out of the market because of these two, it wouldn’t be wrong. There are two models of both brands that are also one of the top sellers in the market. Let’s give you a brief comparison of both to get a clear idea that why Honda ATV is better.

2017 Suzuki KingQuad 500 AXi vs. Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4

1.     Engines


Its engines run on a  493cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder powerplant. The horsepower of it is said to be 38 ponies. Suzuki KingQuad has the CVT transmission for transmitting the power to the wheels which are clearly a great choice for power.


Its engine runs a 475cc liquid-cooled, longitudinally-mounted, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The model was last upgraded around the year 2015 of course with a few improvements in it. As far the horsepower, according to the internet sources, it is 29 horsepower.

The Honda is a bigger deal with the dual-clutch transmission or DCT. It allows you to choose the gear. So, it seems to be more powerful than the Suzuki here.

Why are Honda ATVs better than Suzuki ATVs?
Suzuki ATV or Honda ATV?

2.     Creature Comfort


T-shaped seat along with the gear and brush guard.


Honda as a very thick seat that offers a comfortable ride to the riders.

Both have steel racks providing the facility to store the accessories or essentials you are carrying with you. A locking differential is also provided by both models.

3.     Price

Price varies and it is not only about these two models. Overall, the Honda ATVs are slightly expensive. You might have guessed it by now after the comparison. Suzuki KingQuad is priced as $8,299 and the price of the Honda is $8,599. However, the packages and deals might differ so as the price.

Top 4 Reasons that state; Why Honda ATV is the best & Reliable choice?

If you are a sportsman already, you must have a keen sense of the importance the horsepower of an ATV is. The ATV is used for multiple purposes and if the one you are buying doesn’t provide the value, it is not worth it.

Are Honda ATVs better than Suzuki ATVs?
Suzuki ATV or Honda ATV?

However, if you are selecting Honda ATV over any other brand, you can always count on it for many reasons. They are many different varieties and have been in the industry for quite a long time. They offer four main types of ATVs:

  • Recreational
  • Sports
  • Utility
  • Side-by-sides

Moreover, if you are using the technology or accessories package of Honda ATV, you can build your own custom ATV.

Don’t you think it is the best already?

We know you have many other questions in your mind. So, what are the other reasons that ensure best about the Honda ATV?

1.     It is powerful & well-engineered

As we all know that Honda is mostly admired for sports ATV. Most vehicles by the Honda are not only easily operated, but the overall power is great too. For example, the ATC250R from 1981 was a great deal in performance. The soon after its launch, it was all over in the market and claims about it ruling the three-wheeled world. Later, Honda launched the Fourtrax 250R and it became another 4 wheeler to beat the market with its performance and it is still on the top.

Honda is a company that is really careful with their machine and they pay attention to every element of it. The most Honda engines are provided with a cap near the head with push-rods. Initially, the models of ATVs by Honda has the engine that could almost run forever with very few or no breakdowns. Also, the dual clutching and the strong tires have always given the power of control to the rider.

Moreover, the belt drive remains to be different and outstanding from all the other brands. It is now used for racing and various other sports and activities. If you get the chance, you try the models like Foreman Rubicon 4X4 for a test and we can guarantee that the amazing features and power of the engine will never throw you in the dust. It also offers automatic, three-speed and shifting buttons from manual to electronic mode.

What else a person needs for a great sport? You have a powerful engine, better control, and a locking differential system in many models. So, all one needs to be a great rider of their race.

2.     Maintenance

The owner of the ATV likes to stick to the one brand. They want to put their trust in one instead of changing it over the years. So, companies like Honda and Kawasaki’s are the ones who stick to the same platform for a long time. They didn’t make many changes and also suspension remains the same. Moreover, the steering wheel of the Honda has always been a powerful element of the machine. You can reach the customer service anytime and if you live around Canada, you can find many franchises providing the maintenance services for the ATVs. So, other than a few other brands, you can easily find the repairs for the Honda ATV.

3.     Comfortable

The most important thing about any ATV is comfort. When you talk about common models of the Honda, you will know that the height of the seat is comparatively low and it fits fine between the legs of the rider. However, you may find the handle bar bent a little low for standing.

4.     Amenities

Rubicon 500 with IRS, EFI, EPS, and Honda’s dual-clutch, automatic, five-speed transmission (DCT) is one of the finest examples of amenities right now. It may be expensive than other ATVs, but always worth the money. Other than that the ranchers with the 420cc engine are also not less than the ATV that you demand especially for recreational purposes.

Additionally, it also offers the storage rack that can be used to store the accessories you are carrying along.

Now, you know about the basic reasons to choose Honda for your next ATV shopping. To make it a more deliberate choice, we are also offering the top models that have been the best in the market lately. Also, it offers you many classy colors to make a brighter choice.

Top Models of Honda ATVs


You must be looking for the best one for this year. Honda Recon is famous for the right size and most people prefer it because of its durability and build quality. It is also easy for tight trails especially for loading or unloading. The athletes choose it because of the powerhouse. Its 250-class engine guaranteed the power that any athlete requires for controlling the ride.

  • Some of the features include:
  • Effortless electric steering
  • Unique Electric shift program
  • Shaft Drive
  • Steel cargo racks
  • Longitudinal Engine layout

FourTrax Rancher

It is specially designed for farms and hunting. It is famous for its power, variations of technology features. It has a total of 6 models and features like:

  • Electronic power steering
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Independent suspension
  • Locking four-wheel drive

Models of Rancher:

Rancher AT Power Steering TRX 420 FPA

The reliability may be a little issue in it, but the overall performance is providing a great deal. It offers electric power steering and four-wheel independent suspension. It is said to be more comfortable than any other rancher model. However, the technical sophistication is top-notch in it.

Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE

If you are a big tech-head, you can be the happiest person after owning it. This rancher offers you the following features:

  • Liquid cooling
  • Fuel injection
  • Electric shifting 

Rancher 4×4 TRX 420 FM

It is one of the top-selling ranchers from the year 2008. It provides some of the features including the Manual shift model and is also the most reliable model among many others.

Recon ES TRX 250 TE

Another great utility ATV is a remarkable choice for people. It works great for smaller riders and provides decent low-end power and comfort of the ride. Moreover, it has electric shifting along with the swingarm rear suspension that requires minimum or less maintenance or repairs with the time.


In conclusion, it is about loyalty, quality and reliability. Clearly, Honda has stayed loyal to its customers from the very first day. Till now, they are manufacturing high-quality ATVs. If you are an athlete or even a farmer, you can always get to know that Honda is not great in providing power engines. But the quality of the tires and extra amenities including the comfort of seats keeps it at the top.

Honda is showing its commitment to quality to the market even now after all the years of quality and reliability.

Also, many Honda ATVs come with the spate front and rear brakes which makes it more effective than any ATV. However, it still depends on the choice and purpose of the client. The Honda provides you benefits like no other as its maintenance comes handy and no one can match the kind of comfort it provides to you.

Well, for a more clear idea, you can always consult the experts and take advantage of their experience in the industry to ensure the best choice at the end.

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